How to remove stains from the floor?

Floor Stains

The floor is susceptible to developing stains. Different types of stains are found on the bathroom floors, the stain that tops the chart is urine stain. If the urine stain remains on the floor without being flushed away, then it can make the bathroom smelly and cause embarrassment in front of your guests. So, the most important part of your cleaning chore is to keep the bathroom spic and span so that it does not smell. Multiple ways and techniques are available for removing the floor stain. Let’s go deep in the article to find a few ways that will answer the question, how to remove stains from the floor correctly.

Flooring in the other areas of the premises can also develop a stain. The hardwood floor gets stained easily. Moreover, if the stains on such a floor are left unattended, then the floor can develop permanent damage. Vinyl flooring is also commonly found in the bathroom area and if the floor develops staining, then simple vacuum and mopping can do the trick.

Though vinyl flooring is easy to maintain, it is important to keep it clean the moment spillage occurs or it develops a stain. Glue is the common ingredient that is used to hold the vinyl pieces together. But if the glue seeps then it leaves a stain on the floor. Also, moisture is another culprit causing stains on the floor. Even if the flooring is water-resistant, a little moisture can anyway seep into the floor and cause damage. Hard water spills also damage the vinyl flooring. And it is impossible to forget the horrible staining caused by spillage of food items like beetroot, tomato, curries, etc. Sugary drinks and wine also leave a stain on the floor.

Let’s start with some Do-It-Yourself (DIY) tips.

Here are a few tips and tricks to remove stains from vinyl flooring:

Use baking soda and water

One of the most used ingredients for keeping household items clean is baking soda. It is slightly abrasive and hence considered a great option for scrubbing the floor. Acidic items like tomatoes, fruits, and wine can leave the floor stained. Water mixed with baking soda is a great tip for the removal of stains from the floor. Rub the floor with the mixture and then rinse with clean water to notice the change.

Use alcohol

Do not use alcohol as your drinking buddy alone. The spirit present in the liquid is powerful enough to bring a noticeable change to your stained flooring. Stubborn stains left due to spoilage of ink can be removed with the help of alcohol. Rub the floor with a soft brush dipped in a small bowl filled with alcohol. Scrub the stain with an alcohol-soaked brush. Give some time to the alcohol to work on the stain. Then rinse it with water. If you still think that the stain is noticeable, then repeat the process.

Use lemon

Stained vinyl is simple to treat with lemon juice. Grass stains can be effectively treated with lemon. Cut the lemon into two halves and directly rub the lemon on the stain. Let the lemon work on the affected area for a couple of minutes. Repeat the process with the second half of the lemon to ensure that the stain is removed.

Try Bleach

Stubborn stains can be easily treated with bleach. It is best to dilute bleach because the latter is a strong agent that can discolour the floor. In case, you take one part of bleach with four parts of water to ensure it works gently on the floor. After soaking a clean cloth in the solution, use it to rub on the top of the stain. Then leave the area for some time. In between, keep checking the affected area to ensure that the bleach does not impact the floor. Then rinse it and repeat the process, if need be.

Use dishwashing liquid or mild liquid

Multiple cleaning issues and challenges can be easily treated with the help of dishwashing liquid. Take a bowl of warm water and add a few drops of dishwashing liquid to it. Take a sponge, dip it in the solution, and then use it on the affected area. Don’t over scrub the floor as it can leave scratches on it.

Vinegar is also a great alternative to dishwashing solutions for treating stains. But you have to administer it with care. It is not a suitable product for all types of vinyl flooring because the acid present in the vinegar can discolour it. Apple Cider vinegar can be used too.

Let us consider a few pointers for cleaning the wooden floor:

  • Use white toothpaste to clean the wooden floor. Rub it directly on the impacted area and then rinse it. Wipe with a clean cloth.
  • Mayonnaise is also a great ingredient that can be used to treat stains on the wooden floor. Directly rub it on the floor and let it sit for a few hours. Then wipe it to notice the results.
  • Sand the stain to see the results. The stain can be easily treated by sanding the floor.
  • Take a cotton rag and soak it in hydrogen peroxide. Then rub it on the affected area and allow it to sit for a couple of hours before removing it with a clean cloth.

You can easily use the above-mentioned tips to treat the stained flooring on the premises. It is essential to treat the floor because a stained floor can embarrass you at any point of a given time; especially when you have guests in your house. Visit This Website

Final Thoughts

We live in our homes that may be wonderfully done up with excellent decor. But if the floor is stained, then the entire look of the area gets disturbed. You can easily find floor cleaning agents in the market. You can also opt for stain cleaning agents that are easy to grab from online and offline stores. Alternatively, use any of the above-mentioned tips to keep your floor prim and proper. So, keep your indoors beaming with cleanliness and fetch some compliments for the upkeep of your flooring.

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