How to improve sales on eBay?

9 Quickest Ways to Increase eCommerce Sales
9 Quickest Ways to Increase eCommerce Sales

After Amazon eBay is the second largest most favorite international marketplace. Daily 1.8+ million active buyers visit eBay. eBay is easily accessible after registration. Everyone, setting anywhere can purchase and sell their products. If you beginner and intend to sell your products on eBay, this article is definitely for you. First, you have to create a Business Account on eBay and get registered. Here I’m sharing a few tips to improve sales on eBay.  

Get some feedback

Before direct jumping into the market to purchase a product, you must read the feedback of the customers and how much that product has been sold out so that seller will get a clear idea about the demand and customers’ feedback on the product in the market. This will help beginners to list items for sale. 

Find suitable item according to need and your affordability

The suitable item eBay listing required thorough research of the demand and supply of the products. Initially, the seller can choose 50 listing items but afterward depending on seller performance, eBay may increase items upon request. The seller must have to choose items keeping in view his investment, product demand, customers feedback, and product condition. It’s favorable for beginners to start with low price products and so that after generating income they may invest in a few expensive products and get experience how to excel in eBay.  

Attractive photos of products/items

The picture of the product must be clear. Take pictures in good light from every possible dimension so that buyers will have a clear picture of the product and become confident to purchase the product. Take photos in the vertical, not horizontal mode so that picture can easily fit and not shrink. It is also noted that sellers take the picture from google or from another source which is highly unprofessional and inappropriate, therefore, always take picture of the product to win the customers satisfaction.  

Proper title field

The product title field must be attractive, to the point, and simple. The right title field also helps customers to find the product easily without wasting time ordering the product. It is necessary to place the selling item incorrect category along with the product description. 

Simple description 

The product description must be precise, breve and simple. Avoid verbosity and unnecessary description of the products because the customer has no time to read the lengthy descriptions and his attention is diverted. Therefore, the essential information about the products must be written in the description, for instance, the product quantity, condition, and expiration date. 

Procedure/ Format of purchasing item (auction/buy it now)

The product selling procedure/mode must be mentioned, whether through bidding or buying it now, the product can be procured. This will help the buyer if he desires to purchase a product, he will be aware earlier.

Decide price tags

The price tag must be decided initially, keeping in view the market price. It is advised to beginner sell your first few items at a lower price in this way seller gets good feedback along with customers’ confidence after that he may increase the price according to the market price. 

Set shipping rates earlier

Shipping plays a key role to build confidence between buyers and sellers. Therefore, shipping mode and rates must be decided earlier and it is favorable to ship the product before time but not after due time. If product shipment will be late eBay may take its notice. Hence, timely shipment of the product is essential.

Review & Recheck before parcel shipping.

Lastly, before shipping product review and recheck all the points satisfactorily.

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