2021’s Top Men’s kurta Trends Are Looks Everybody Can Rock


Kurtas are one of the most sought-after garments when it comes to Indian traditional outfits. Everyone should at least own one of these, to sort all their outing purposes. Especially on the days when one has to attend a religious occasion or a festival, a pair of simple and aristocratic Kurta and pajamas does the job extremely well.

A kurta for men can primarily be long or short. Anybody who wants to style it can choose from both options. However, one expert piece of advice here would be to keep one short and one long handy for different events. For the longest time, one would notice that people of Asian countries are identified by their mens clothing styles. Kurta is an evergreen garment that was discovered way back.

Not only with regard to the lengths of the garment, but one can also choose from a half kurta for men or a full one. With so much versatility, this particular outfit for men has gained mass recognition through the years and continues to steal the show. Be it a big fat Indian wedding or a religious event at home, a stylish kurta is a plus point in your wardrobes.

The online shopping stores/websites have given the agency to people to work wonders on the various types of clothing. A stylish kurta for men is available on numerous sites and one of the best sites is Bewakoof. It is affordable and of great quality. One wouldn’t simply get over the material of the clothes which are extremely soft and skin-friendly.

Here is a list of some trends that one can hop onto this year for an extravagant look:

  1. A cotton kurta-pajama set of any type or colour is timeless. For any of the events, just simply wearing one serves the purpose. If possible, keeping two or more sets of the same is advisable for styling in various events.
  2. Black and white never goes out of style. A black kurta for men paired with types of denims is the style that is trending nowadays. The look is simple yet classy and makes a person look extremely good in this outfit.
  3. During the winter season, if anybody has to attend a wedding or any religious function at home, style a kurta-pajama and wrap a classy shawl on top of that in a crossbody way. This is the look everyone craves for.
  4. To keep it casual, one can also pair a short kurta for men with comfy trousers and pair it with the best sliders out there. This look has been in the trends recently and is widely accepted by people.
  5. Who doesn’t know about the royal Pathani kurtas? I am sure each of us is aware of it. This particular kind of kurta gives a very luxurious look to a person. Wear a pathani kurta along with a Patiala pajama and slay the look like nobody else.
  6. With the innovation in the men’s fashion industry, denim kurtas have also come into space for people to choose from. This style gives a very clean look to one’s attire. This type of kurta is becoming hugely popular amongst people and is very comfortable to wear.

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