Prelims Test Series With Tathastu ICS

Tathastu ICS

Tathastu ICS offers an intensive prelims preparation groundwork program modeled on UPSC patterns to supplement your prelims preparation efforts. Questions will feature logic of UPSC level while subjects covered include those from NCERT+ Key Reference Books.

Mock Tests

Practice and taking multiple prelims mock tests will familiarize you with the UPSC exam pattern, questions asked and time allotted for each section. Furthermore, practicing and taking mock exams can increase confidence level while creating a positive outlook towards IAS preparation. Furthermore, practicing can help manage time effectively as well as develop skills of answering questions within time limits.

The test series offers high quality questions based on the UPSC syllabus. Each test will include topics from NCERTs (old and new), key reference books and NCERT tests with difficulty levels similar to what you will encounter during an exam with UPSC.

It offers all-encompassing PTS 2024 preparation with its carefully designed Study Plan, video explanations of key concepts, topic-wise short notes, personalized mentorship and Prelims test series – everything you need for maximum success this year! It allows flexibility between online/offline classes as well as video backup for prelims & mains exams!


Our UPSC mentorship program serves as your partner on the path to UPSC success. We help keep you motivated during this journey, offering guidance to tackle ever-evolving test patterns with study schedules, lectures, short notes and test series – both online and offline!

At PTS2024, we believe the key to civil services preparation is following an organized and clear study plan. With full length tests tailored strictly around UPSC pattern as well as carefully constructed study plans to cover NCERT (old and new) books as well as key reference books – and question levels designed to mirror that of UPSC exams – PTS2024 offers exactly that experience!

Regular revision is also key to success, and our PTS2024 program offers subject-wise revision tests as well as weekly micro and revision tests to develop your time management and examination-like mindset, while helping keep calm in times of stress. Our goal is to make your exam experience as comfortable as possible – for that we offer flexible study schedules with online/offline classes as well as video support until Prelims & (15 days before) Mains exams begin.

Personalized Study Plan

Tathastu IAS helps aspirants prepare for the IAS exam with confidence. Their comprehensive study plan offers various online and offline resources such as study material, mock tests and assessment tools – and personalized mentorship from professional IAS experts located in Delhi with an impressive success rate.

Tathastu IAS’ curriculum has been tailored specifically for the UPSC examination. This ensures that its students get comprehensive coverage of the syllabus while paying particular attention to any nuances which could make a difference when taking their final exams. Furthermore, its faculty are specialists in their respective fields who can explain complex concepts in an easily understood manner.

The institute offers extracurricular activities and workshops to help students hone the necessary skills for exam success, including personality development, time management and mental agility. Maintaining a positive mental state before an examination is vitally important; distractions must also be minimized to stay on course. Take regular breaks!

Time Management

Tathastu ICS understands the importance of time management in passing the IAS exam, offering personalized guidance, small class sizes, and various resources that support student preparation for it. Furthermore, our institute also offers carefully curated study materials tailored specifically towards its changing trends of this exam.

Our institute’s team of teachers is dedicated to mentoring students and supporting their holistic development. With a curriculum focused on cultivating critical thinking and analytical abilities, the staff offers students opportunities for philosophical debates and discussions which help develop the logical reasoning necessary for taking the Civil Services exam.

Tathastu ICS’ eLearning platform gives students flexibility and convenience, allowing them to study at their own pace. Unlike traditional classroom-based courses, which limit a student’s study options due to location restrictions, the eLearning platform enables students to complete their studies from any location globally – making preparation easy even during busy schedules!

Selecting an optional subject for IAS preparation is key. Tathastu ICS stands out by providing students who choose Philosophy as their optional with rigorous teaching and personalized guidance from its dedicated faculty and comprehensive curriculum – making it one of the premier IAS coaching institutes in Delhi offering Philosophy optional courses. By encouraging holistic development and encouraging critical thinking skills among its students, Tathastu ICS helps create thoughtful agents of change who contribute meaningfully to society.