What made Samsung washing machine so demanding in India


Samsung is going on refurbishing its washing machines with new washing options and technologies. The improved quality of the products lets the customers rely on them. Moreover, the jump from the semi-automatic to the fully automatic washing machines has also been made relatively easy for the customer by Samsung by bringing down the price point. 

Samsung washing machines ensure excellent performance and do not damage your fabric while washing. In addition, the VRT+ technology, ceramic heaters, magic filters, and other washing techniques make their models desirable in India. Read till the end to know what are the reasons for Samsung’s undeniable popularity. 

Reasons That Made Samsung Washing Machine So Demanding In India

All in one Flexwash

Flexwash allows you to use both load types (top load and front load) together in the same machine. It is a hybrid technology for washing machines with an extensive washing capacity. You can use the front loader to wash heavy laundry as it has a capacity of 21 kg. 

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While you can use the top loader to cleanse light load having a capacity of 3.5 kg, thus, you can wash curtains, blankets, socks, handkerchiefs without worrying much about the load.

Even the double loading system does not require a separate water connection. The internal separator divides them. Having a flex wash allows you to bend less, and it is suitable for people having chronic backaches. 

Bubble Wash – EcoBubble and Bubble Soak

Ecobubble is a technology by Samsung that uses the bubbles to do a power boosted cleaning at low temperatures. The washing technique converts the detergent particles into bubbles that easily penetrate the fabric and remove the adamant dirt. 

Bubble soak is a complimentary service to the eco bubble technique that eliminates all types of stubborn stains letting the bubble soak in the apparel. You can do it just by clicking a button. 

However, you don’t need to worry much about the technique as it is not too hard for the fabric. Bubbles are soft and gentle that will never do any damage to the material.  

Magic filter

You can keep your apparel lint-free and clean using the magic filter feature of Samsung. The level of water in the drum does not matter. 

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They are fitted much low in the device and traps lint effectively. It is detachable and easy to clean. You can open it daily to dust it to make sure that smooth cleaning prevails. 


The semi and fully automatic washing machines from Samsung with top loaders have the ActivWash+ system for cleaning delicate items. They have a sink where you can conveniently hand wash the items. 

You can also prewash the extensively dirty clothes there. The built-in water jet on the side helps you wash these clothes effortlessly. You can control the water with a button. 

Ceramic heaters

Ceramic heaters prevent calcium build-up on it and ensure that the washing machine functions properly. Almost all front loader devices are equipped with ceramic heaters. 

Are you speculating what will happen if you don’t check the calcium build-up? 

Well, calcium is very stubborn and does not leave the stainless steel heater quickly. At times detergents might not be soluble if too much calcium residue has gathered. It might also cause extra power and detergent consumption. 

On the other hand, ceramic does not let calcium build upon it for its quick heating tendency. Besides that, it also reduces power consumption. 

These are the reasons that make semi and fully automatic washing machines from Samsung so demandable in India. These washing techniques make your clothes clean and smooth. Moreover, they aid you in retaining the quality of the fabric for a longer time and ensures that the device lasts longer. 

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