Reasons why LG India awarded most trusted brand in the category of the refrigerator


LG is one of the most prominent brands in India. Read this article to explore how to make the most out of LG refrigerators.

LG Electronics, one of India’s leading consumer durable majors, has once again been rewarded for its quest to bring advanced and innovative technologies. This time, the brand has been awarded the prestigious honor of being the ‘Most Desired Brand’ for the LG Refrigerator.

This comes in addition to the brand maintaining a record in the Indian market as a Leader from 2009. LG Electronics has also been recognized as the ‘Most Desired’ for other appliances like the Washing Machine in 2020. 

In today’s world, LG has redefined the experience of ‘Home’ for a majority of Indian consumers by deploying its futuristic technology coupled with pioneering aesthetics. Recently, it was awarded at CES 2020 with the Innovation award for AI-driven front-load appliances. 

In India, the company’s patented direct-drive technologies have been recognized several times for deploying AI for a more personalized experience. The use of AI algorithms is common in Home Appliances like the LG refrigerator. This article will give you five reasons why LG India has been awarded as the most trusted brand in the category of refrigerators.

1. Keep your food fresh for 14 days* with LinearCooling™

New LG refrigerators are powered by a new Inverter Linear Compressor. The next-gen compressor helps to deliver precise temperature control. This helps to reduce temperature fluctuations.

This also means that your food can stay fresh, healthy, and safe for up to two weeks. Besides Door Cooling+™, an LG refrigerator also comes with two additional vents. These are instrumental in maintaining cooling even if the door of the fridge is opened and closed.

2. Keep your food fresh and your electricity bills low at the same time

Any refrigerator tends to consume a significant amount of energy to be functional during summers. This results in higher power bills. But with any new LG refrigerator, you can save up to 51% energy. All credits to the Inverter Linear Compressor that keeps the drinks chilled and food fresh while consuming less power. 

3. Uniform, fast and consistent cooling with LG Double Door Fridge Cooling

Frequent opening and closing of a refrigerator door lead to substantial cold air loss. This cold air loss puts more pressure on the compressor, increasing energy consumption. But any LG double door fridge boasts a door cooling feature. This means that an LG refrigerator has two vents that help to maintain freshness and cooling for a longer time.

4. Add extra storage capacity with LG Dual Fridge

This is a problem most of us have encountered at some point or the other. We end up buying and storing way too much food. Most refrigerators are only capable of handling a fragment of it.

We are often sitting and wondering what to do with the rest of it? LG has come up with a unique solution to this issue. You can convert a fridge’s freezer compartment into a refrigerator altogether with a touch on the button. 

Food stays fresh during power cuts

If you are currently residing in India, power issues are the worst kind of problem during the summer. LG’s new fridges have an Auto Smart Connect feature that helps to connect the refrigerator to the home inverter.

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This may sound a little complicated but it is not. Also, this is a one-time procedure. This means that once you are connected, the next time your power goes off, the fridge will connect to the backup power supply without manual actions.

Other reasons for choosing a LG refrigerator include:

You can control your refrigerator using Smart Technology 

LG has made its refrigerators smart. With LG Smart ThinQ™, you can control the refrigerator via your smartphone, and even when you are away from your home. You can control Express Freeze, set temperature, and diagnose issues at the tap of a button. You will also get a variety of designs to choose from. Besides, the fridge’s Inverter Linear Compressor also has a 10-year warranty. 

Uniform and consistent cooling anytime with Inverter Linear Compressor

In summers, we all know how foods turn bad due to intense heat. But this is not an issue anymore. With LG’s LinearCooling™ feature, your food can remain cool, fresh, and healthy for about two weeks. 

This is made possible by the new inverter linear compressors that offer a temperature variation of +0.5 degrees Celsius. Most other refrigerators, especially traditional ones offer +1 degree Celsius variation. Other than uniform and consistent cooling, the new compressor helps to reduce noise by up to 25% and also comes with a 10-year warranty. 

Concluding Thoughts

If you want to make the most out of this summer, consider upgrading to a smart and reliable new LG refrigerator. Any of LG’s models will help to keep your food fresh and drinks chilled whenever you need them.

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