5 videos you should not share on your TikTok

5 videos you should not share on your TikTok

TikTok is used by people all over the world to express themselves, show their talent and reach out to people while building a fanbase. However, while you might think that there is total freedom of expression here, there still are certain type of videos that you should not be sharing on your profile. These are the 5 types of videos that you should avid sharing if you wish to gain more followers and popularity on your TikTok.

  • Non-consensual personal or intimate videos

Posting non-consensual videos of private moments is a big no-no. Irrespective of whether you know the person or they are a stranger, this will not sit well with your viewers. Avoid posting personal or intimate moments of yourself or anyone else, especially without their consent. It is easily understandable from the video that it is non-consensual and viewers will not hesitate to flag your profile for the same.

  • Business secrets while promotion

If you have a business, then you already must’ve thought of using TikTok for promotion; like many other small and big business users. And it is a great idea too. But we’d like to put a word of caution for you here in case you’re new to it. Strictly refrain from putting out videos that might let out your business secrets or explain the process in too much of detail. That is a bad idea. The key is to keep your audience curious and engaged enough so they will want to buy from you.

  • Videos showing too many personal details such as address or baby’s school, etc

Another type of videos that you shouldn’t share is one that exposes too many details about your personal life. We know that many people post videos with their partners and even kids and babies. If you’re also one of them, then make sure to not let any details out such as your address, schools of your kids, or other places that you’re kids often go to. This is important to safeguard the safety of your loved ones.

  • Sexual content

Sharing explicit sexual content is again a bad idea; firstly because it is simply unethical and most importantly because TikTok does not allow such content. Similarly nudity also isn’t allowed so you can forget about posting that as well. Constant attempts to post banned content will ultimately get your profile banned so do be careful about that.

  • Religious/racist/strong political views (controversial topics basically)

Finally, avoid sharing content on controversial topics. Topics about religion, politics and your strong opinions about them are best kept to yourself. Controversial topics unnecessarily create a chaos in the comment section and tik tok followers tend to get offended. Also there is a greater chance of your video getting reported so that doesn’t work out well for anybody. Similarly racist, sexist or personally targeted videos such as making fun of genuine problems also should be avoided as it is immoral and unethical and may hurt people’s sentiments.

These are just a few basic things to avoid and we hope the list will prove beneficial to you and act as a guideline for your TikTok to be a safe space for everyone.