Reasons Why Your Thermostat Isn’t Working

Thermostat Isn't Working

Has your thermostat stopped working? Is the screen on for a brief time before turning off again?

Your thermostat is a vital device that regulates your indoor temperature. Your HVAC system won’t be effective in cooling or heating your home without a well-functioning thermostat.

So when it’s not working, the problem might be one of the following:

Dead Batteries

This should be a no-brainer. Checking the batteries is an initial action when you do not see any display on the screen, or the temperature seems to be not even.  Most likely, the batteries have died, and the thermostat is unable to turn on.

We highly suggest you check whether your thermostat works after replacing the batteries. If this is not the case, go on to the next step. Contact your nearest A/C expert for quality air conditioning repair in Bedminster, NJ.

Tripped Breaker

The main electrical system is usually used to connect thermostats to a house or business property. The thermostat or another energy source may sometimes trigger the breaker, similar to how a hairdryer can trip the breaker, for example.

If the breaker has tripped, re-energize the circuit and see if there’s a display on the appears. If you’re having trouble with the process, you can ask for help from professionals for air conditioning repair in Bedminster, NJ.

An Issue in Your A/C Has Caused the Safety Switch to Trip

If steps one and two don’t work, it’s time to look at your air conditioning system. The transformer might have stopped delivering power for the thermostat to operate due to an underlying problem with your air conditioning system.

Start by inspecting the safety switch located in the drain pan on your air conditioning system. The safety switch detects issues in your systems, such as excess moisture or excessive temperatures, and turns it off before harm occurs. When checking the safety switch, contact your local HVAC experts to check if the sensor has gone off.

Frozen Thermostat

If there is an issue with the static electricity surrounding your thermostat, you may have difficulties with the touch screen.

The thermostat’s display may get frozen, and it will no longer transmit data updates to the screen. You wouldn’t notice if the thermostat didn’t reach the specified temperature if this happened.

If this happens, try restarting your thermostat. Please turn it off for a few seconds, then wait a few seconds before turning it back on.

Low-Brightness Display

If your thermostat enables you to adjust the brightness, make sure it isn’t set to the lowest setting. At specific times of the day or when there is too much light surrounding it, certain thermostats may darken the screen automatically.

Wiring Issues

The electrical connections on your thermostat serve various purposes, ranging from the screen display to enabling your thermostat to interact with your HVAC system. This may be the case if you recently had a thermostat fitted or installed yourself.

We don’t suggest repairing weak connections or wiring issues yourself unless you have an electrical background and know what you’re doing. Contact your local expert today for air conditioning repair in Bedminster, NJ.


In the worst-case situation, your thermostat is failing and must be replaced. If your thermostat keeps on requiring repairs, it might be the perfect time to get a new one. A programmable thermostat is your best bet when it comes to convenience and functionality. You can set the temperature whenever and wherever you are.

Don’t settle for less if it’s about your home’s indoor comfort. You need a functioning thermostat so that your air conditioning system can work and eliminate the heat inside your house. If you’re experiencing this problem with your thermostat, you can contact the experts from Integrate Comfort Systems.

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