Buying Vs Renting a Printer – Which one is Better for your Company?

Buying Vs Renting a Printer - Which one is Better for your Company?

Upgrading and installing new technology in your office is essential, and the question will always pop up in your mind. However, one crucial aspect you need to pay attention to is whether you need to rent or purchase this equipment. Talking about technology, printing machines and copiers are costly machines that you must possess in your office to keep your documentation wheel rolling. However, spending too much on them could be a grave mistake as you can rent them at a considerably lower price. This post will explain buying vs renting a printer and which is better for your company. Keep reading to learn more!

1. Benefits of Renting Printers:

First, we will explore the positives when renting a printing device for your office. Buying one could be costly as there are several other additions that you need to spend money on for a complete set of the printer. However, renting is an affordable and flexible option, especially if you are running low on budget. Let us explore a few prominent advantages of renting a printer for your office.

i) Less expensive:

Why spend a huge sum on purchasing a printing device when you can rent one? Renting it could be a less expensive decision in the long run, and you can utilize your funds for other business activities. Moreover, if you lease it long-term, you need to pay less interest on the device, making it ultimately less expensive.

Business owners can save money by renting printing devices, especially for busy activities. You can capitalize on the opportunity and connect with a reliable dealer to make the decision worth it.

ii) Maintenance is in your control:

Renting contracts usually include maintenance costs, and you don’t need to spend a penny out of your pocket. The provider company is responsible for the maintenance costs, and you can consider this cost on top of purchasing costs.

Moreover, you can also control the maintenance if you come from a technical background. Since the quality of your printing output should be top-notch, maintenance becomes a must. Do you need to rent a quality printer for your office? Consider contacting Xerox Dubai companies!

iii) Tax incentives:

Another prominent advantage of renting a printing device is that you don’t need to pay tax since it’s not your asset. A rental printing device does not fall under the tax umbrella, and business owners can enjoy this point.

2. Downsides of renting a printer:

Renting a printer will not always bring advantages, as the story has several downsides. Before you finalize the deal with any dealer, ensure you know about the following points.

i) Credit checks and paperwork:

Frequent credit checks and the involved paperwork in leasing a printer will drive you away from this decision. The procedures are time-consuming, and you will feel drained once the process ends.

ii) You are bound by the lease:

You can’t sell a leased printer, nor can you end the lease before the time. At times when you feel the printer is of no more use, you still have to keep it and pay the lease for as long as the deal was made. Whether you use it or not, you need to pay the lease.

3. Advantages of purchasing a printer:

Business owners who opt to purchase a printing machine can experience numerous advantages over the long run. Here is a list of advantages you can enjoy purchasing a printing machine.

i) Up-to-date equipment:

Technology will always help your business, and purchasing a printing device means installing the latest tech in your office. You can choose a device and pay for it since you are the sole decision-maker. Outdated technology will bring you no good, and you often bring home a leased device that is outdated.

ii) One-time investment:

Purchasing a printer device means a single-time investment and enjoying it for the long term. You can also resell the device at a time when you don’t need it, unlike a leased printer. However, before making a purchase, you should check out different printers that can suit your business requirements.

4. Downsides of purchasing a printer:

You are prone to various negative points when you purchase a printing device. Here are a few points you need to know about.

i) Unexpected maintenance costs:

The maintenance and upkeep costs will hit you hard if gone too high. If you don’t keep an eye on these costs, they can hit a higher point, creating serious issues in the end.

ii) Upfront costs:

You also need to deal with the high upfront cost when purchasing a printing device if you want to pay the sum in instalments. Buying outright could be expensive, and you need to find a solution. The best idea is to contact Xerox Dubai partners and rent the latest machine for your office!

Take your business documentation to the next level!

Business documentation is necessary, and you need to pay attention to them. Renting the latest printing device for your office will certainly help your cause! Consider contacting reliable xerox printer rental companies today!

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