Not Working?


Whether you want to change the extender’s setting or want to configure it, use of web address is very important. A number of users (including me) reported that is not working.

Here, in this post, I am going to share personal experience with you all that what I have done to fix not working issue.

First of all, see what is not letting you access tplinkrepeater. There could be a couple of reasons behind it.

  • Typos in the web address
  • tplinkrepeater entered in browser’s search bar
  • You are not connected to the extender’s WiFi
  • Extender not connected to router
  • You have no internet connection

No matter whatever reason is behind the issue, here I am going to provide you solutions what I did to solve it.

Fix 1: Check the Web address

The first fix that you have to try is to check the web address you have used. Cross-check tplinkrepeater web address after entering it. Ensure that there aren’t any typos. If tplinkrepeater is still not working, then try to use extensions like http and .net with it. After putting the extensions, the web address would be

Bonus: Clear browsing history and close unwanted open tabs.

Fix 2: Check the Location will not work if you have entered it in the browser search bar, Thus, to make or tplinkrepeater working for you, check the location after entering it. The web address should only be entered in the location or URL bar of the internet browser.

Fix 3: Check the WiFi

To make web address working for you, ensure that you are connected to extender’s SSID. Besides, I also suggest you to check the WiFi password. Sometimes, users (me to) enter the wrong WiFi password. As a result, they face issues while connecting to their extender’s WiFi.

In accordance to the above-mentioned tip, I think tplinkrepeater is now working, right? If not, then you can give the next tip a try.

Fix 4: Check the Connectivity

Have you connected the TP Link extender to your router? If not, then why would the web address work for you? To make tplinkrepeater working for you without displaying error pop ups or error messages, connect your router to the extender.

You might have a question – how to connect them, right? I too have the same! If you have an Ethernet cable, then you can connect the extender and router using it. And, if you don’t have it, then connect then in a wireless source.

Note: If you are planning to connect your device in a wireless manner, then make sure that your router and the extender are kept within reach of each other. Peoples also searching for Mbc2030 and Wpc15 

Fix 5: Check the Internet Connection

If you don’t have a stable internet connection, then you will not be able to access tplinkrepeater web address at any cost. Don’t worry! Simply contact your service provider regarding the same. Now, the question is – what to ask from ISP, right? Well, me too have the same query. Let me tell you what I asked him.

  • Is there any internet bill pending?
  • Am I getting enough internet speed?
  • Do I need to upgrade my internet plan?
  • Did the device need an update? If so, then how to do so? Will you update the device from your end or I have to take the initiative?

Now, verify if you are getting actual internet speed. For this, you can run an internet speed test. Or what you can do – try to access login page using the web address. In this way, you can check your internet speed and the web address whether it is now working or not. This is called – kill two birds with a stone.

Can I hope that the fixes I provided you to fix tplinkrepeater not working issue was helpful? Did you enjoy this piece of cake article? Do share your joy with me.