Tips to Boost the Slow Internet Connection


No matter how big or small house you have, having internet dead zones will make your WiFi connection slow. Therefore, a powerful router setup might go in vain in case there are numerous internet connectivity issues. Hence, getting the most out of your WiFi connection becomes nearly impossible. One of the major reasons for such an average WiFi experience is poor internet connectivity.

So, going through this article is going to help you know how to boost the slow internet connection. These are the simplest hacks but are pretty effective when it comes to enhancing the overall internet speed. Hence, you don’t get any dead zones in any part of your house. Ready? Let’s roll further.

How to Fix Slow Internet Connection

Power Cycle Router

When something is not working right in a technical device, turning it off and on again is the best solution. This is known as power cycling the router installed in your house. Hence, you should give it some break by turning it off for a few minutes.

Doing so gives the router much needed time to cool down. For best results, you should also turn off the power of the PC and the modem connected to the entire WiFi system. Let each device rest before rebooting them. When you reconnect to the WiFi again, you witness a sudden boost in the internet speed.

Relocate the Router

WiFi signals are prone to disturbances even from minute things. For instance, reflective surfaces, open windows, electric appliances, thick walls, aluminium studs, or bolts are prime mischief causers. Apart from that, anything emitting radio waves within the house can also tamper with the WiFi signals coming out of the router.

Therefore, before you do the Linksys router login, make sure you choose the right place. Moreover, get all the above-mentioned things away from the Linksys router. Placing the router in the corner, under the table, or inside a cabinet is also not the ideal place.

The place should be the central location of the house. If possible, place the router on a higher surface to enhance the overall internet experience.

Eliminate Unwanted Connections

Connecting multiple devices to the router is also a major reason for experiencing a slow internet connection. Therefore, you are advised to connect only the required devices to the router’s WiFi connection. Moreover, you should also keep a check on which device is being used and which is sitting idle after connecting to the connection.

To avoid unwanted lags, change the WiFi password from time to time. Remove unnecessarily connected devices from the WiFi connection. Make sure no unidentified device is connected without your knowledge. Cutting unwanted connections minimizes internet usage so that you get the best internet performance.

Update Firmware

Firmware update is one of the most effective ways to enhance the speed of WiFi connection. Every firmware update fixes bugs, errors, or technical glitches. Moreover, it also brings new features to your router. This enhances the overall performance of your router which boosts the internet speed.

When you update the firmware, you install new instructions for your router. This proves helpful in enhancing the speed of a slow WiFi connection. Just make sure that when you update firmware manually, you should choose the right model name and number.

Configure an Extender

Perhaps a router alone is not sufficient to meet your daily needs. In that case, you can configure an extender. Hence, performing a Linksys extender setup is going to resolve plenty of issues related to the internet speed and connection.

An extender will enhance the current WiFi connection without any further hassle. Hence, you don’t experience any internet dead zones in any part of your house.


When you perform an extender setup, you should access to open the login page. This makes completing the setup process easier. Once everything is done, you enjoy a fast internet connection in every part of your house. Read Also about Mbc2030