The Best Sports Games Available On PC In 2022

The Best Sports Games Available On PC In 2022

For many years, publishers have been hesitant to launch their best-selling sports games for PC users. Aside from Sports Interactive’s Football Manager and EA’s annual FIFA release series, the sports genre has been relatively sparse for PC users. Nowadays, irrespective of the sport you’re interested in, you can find something on the market to give you the competitive itch you’re looking for. 

In this article, we’ll provide you with a helpful list of all the best sports games available on PC that you can explore in 2022. The sports games featured in this piece will likely have smaller player bases; however, this shouldn’t make you see them as inferior. Like NFL odds, PC versions of most of these sports games will have a lot to offer. So, if you’re keen on knowing more, don’t go anywhere. 

Football Manager 22

One of the most strategic and in-depth sports games of all time is the Football Manager series. With Football Manager 22, you have the opportunity to be placed in the position of the next Pep Guardiola as you work your way to dealing with a limited transfer budget while managing your team of irritable players. 

The game includes databases packed with thousands of players, and this is complete with detailed information on each player’s potential and playing style. So, whether you rank your non-league team up the charts or prefer to dominate your position with a Super League team, like NFL lines, Football Manager 22 will provide you with all the tools you need to become one of the greatest managers of all time. 

Super Mega Baseball 3

The options are pretty limited with baseball games that you can play on a PC. Thankfully, the baseball series, Metalhead Software, offers a fantastic alternative to most licensed games you’d usually find on a console. Here, the aim is to focus on launching an accessible experience that’s easy to play. But don’t underestimate the cartoon aesthetic because the game has much to offer on and off the field. 

You have the option to spend your time focusing on the multiplayer side of the game; however, there’s a lot of single-player content that’s worth discovering too. The Franchise mode is a new addition to the series, and this spans over many years this time around as opposed to just being focused on one season. Focus on building a strong team and then watch as they dominate the sport.


Since the 90s, the FIFA series has always been the highlight of PC gaming. The years between the engine upgrades have been somewhat awkward, but EA has always stayed committed to its PC audience. When you look at FIFA 21, this release was by far the most innovative regarding gameplay. 

FIFA has always been known to dominate the football scene ever since the introduction of FIFA 11’s Ultimate Team. The card game turned out to be the trendsetter for sports games as players could babble around the game mode’s most recent additions each week.

Golf With Your Friends

Golf With Your Friends is precisely what its title says it’s about. Here, you have the choice to play the game with a maximum of 11 friends as you work your way through the mini-golf courses that are amazingly themed. Switch on power-ups to have some fun at freezing your opponent’s ball and stop players on the move by putting down lanes of honey. The game even includes a level editor that’s built-in for players that have a good eye for golf courses. 

The game can be played online or locally simultaneously through the hot seat option, which complements Steam’s Remote Play feature. What makes the game even more exciting is that a barrier to getting in doesn’t exist, meaning that you don’t need any real-life golf skills to play the game. Simply choose a direction, then decide how hard you intend to hit the ball. And, like applying the most recent Vegas NFL odds to your next bet, cross your fingers while hoping for the best.