Understanding the Technology Behind Cloud Gaming Services

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The cloud is changing the way we play video games. It removes limitations such as processing power, graphics capacity, and memory storage that have long restricted access to high-quality gaming experiences.

Like streaming movies, cloud gaming services process game logic and stream scenes to your device over the Internet. The results are as close to traditional gaming as possible without a powerful hardware system.


Cloud gaming allows users to enjoy online video games instead of using their own hardware. It offloads the heavy lifting of game processing to servers backed with high-end graphical memory, so gamers can access and play a wide range of titles without needing specialized equipment or a powerful device.

Inputs are processed by the server, sending a video stream of the result to the player’s device. This process requires a two-way data street, meaning inputs travel to the server for processing and back again in real-time. A strong internet connection is needed to ensure a smooth, consistent gameplay experience.

Most services work on a subscription model, offering access to a library of games for a monthly or yearly fee. Some also provide paid tournaments in addition to their subscription offerings.

The game libraries offered by different services vary, with some skewing towards specific genres or even consoles. For example, Boosteroid provides a selection of indie games, while Blacknut leans more toward AAA releases. It’s essential to pick a service that will offer the types of games you enjoy playing most, as this can make or break your overall gaming experience.

Another benefit of cloud gaming is that it reduces piracy by keeping game files off the Internet, which could be copied and redistributed to shady websites where pirates thrive. Lastly, cloud gaming allows developers to reach a wider audience and generate more revenue for their hard work.


The scalability capabilities of the best cloud gaming services allow them to increase or decrease resources to meet users’ needs quickly. This flexibility promotes efficiency and helps businesses avoid overprovisioning, which can result in wasted resources.

In addition, scalability can reduce the cost of operations. For example, cloud gaming services can use virtual servers to provide the same performance as a dedicated gaming server without the cost and maintenance burden. This way, the cost of operating a gaming service is significantly reduced.

The technology behind cloud gaming allows gamers to play high-end games on mobile devices, PCs, and consoles without the need for specialized hardware. Unlike traditional gaming, which requires physical software installed on the user’s device, cloud gaming services run games on their servers and stream them to the player over the Internet. Users need to sign in with their account and a stable internet connection.

There are various cloud gaming services on the market, and each offers its unique selection of games. Before choosing a provider, research each service’s game library and ensure they offer the types of games you’re interested in playing. For instance, if you’re a fan of AAA titles, you should choose a service that provides a wide range of these games.


There have never been so many options for gamers to enjoy their favorite video games, whether on a powerful custom-built PC or a traditional gaming console. Choosing between these different technologies can be difficult because each has unique pros and cons that will appeal to some gamers while not appealing to others. One of these options is cloud gaming, a service that allows players to stream high-quality video games from the cloud to their smartphones, tablets, or televisions.

In addition to its convenience capabilities, cloud gaming provides several other advantages for gamers. First, it is more secure than traditional gaming because game files are not saved on the device. This helps protect against piracy, as game companies can prevent illegal access to game files. Second, it is more portable because users can play games with a compatible internet connection on any device. This makes cloud gaming an excellent option for people who travel often, as they can continue their gameplay on any device.

However, cloud gaming has its disadvantages. For example, it can cause latency issues if the user’s Internet is not fast enough. Additionally, the game library of the cloud gaming service should be considered, as some services may have a more excellent selection of AAA titles than others. For this reason, finding a gaming service that offers a library that caters to your preferences is essential.


In addition to minimizing the need for powerful local hardware, cloud gaming services prioritize user and game data security. This allows gamers to game without the risk of hackers and other cybercriminals accessing their personal information. It also prevents game publishers from losing money due to piracy.

Most cloud gaming services use a video streaming approach to provide high-quality gaming experiences on low-end devices. This minimizes the need for a strong local GPU and reduces input latency or the time between an action and its visualization on screen. However, this approach does require significant internet bandwidth.

Users can choose from various cloud gaming services that offer different subscription plans. Some provide a free library of games, while others require subscriptions to unlock all available titles. However, it is essential to note that even a free cloud gaming service can limit the number of games you can play and the amount of storage space available.

To get the best cloud gaming experience, consider choosing a service that offers a streamlined interface and intuitive user controls. Selecting a service that offers reasonable bandwidth usage and minimal server queue times is also critical. Otherwise, the lag and long wait times may ruin your gaming sessions. At Asurion, we not only fix and protect tech but also educate people on their devices. Check out our gaming tech guide to learn more about the latest developments in the industry.