The ABIS projector will delight both at home and in the office


ABIS is a portable functional device that has great functionality and wide possibilities. It will be appreciated by those who are tired of the bulky size of the TV, and who like to use the living space to good use. Suitable for home use – where they love minimalism, style and convenience. You will be pleasantly surprised by the 800 lumens LED backlight and high-quality Harman/Kardon sound.

What ABIS looks like

  • It is a neat and stylish piece of equipment with a sleek, light-colored body with the ABIS logo. Against this background, the optics system stands out with dignity. The manufacturer has thought through the smallest details so that the projector is comfortable in everyday use.
  • The plastic case has a matte surface on which fingerprints are not visible – traces are well masked. Compared to the advantages of a matte finish on a projector body, the acrylic coating of the optics and cameras is more susceptible to dirt. But they are easily removed with a dry cloth.
  • The compactness of the projector ceiling mount makes it easy to remove it from view due to uselessness. And even in its full form it does not create discomfort and does not take up much space. Compared to the Elfin, the predecessor projector, the Mogo Pro , was a bit tall. This shortcoming became a hindrance to comfortable viewing.
  • A distinctive feature of Elfin is that there are no buttons, panels or any other signs of an interface on its body. All commands must be carried out using the control panel, which always comes with the equipment. Depending on the remote control confuses some users, although it is not bulky, weighs very little, is thin, and the buttons are comfortable – they are easy to press.
  • Functional interfaces are located only on the rear panel: an audio jack (for speakers), next to it are USB ports, Bluetooth 5.0 and HDMI 2.0. There is built-in Wi-Fi, which is responsible for the wireless connection. There is also a hole for placement on a tripod, which is located at the bottom of the projector.

Main advantages

  • Sleek presentable design.
  • Automatic focus adjustment.
  • Android TV provides access to any platform for watching TV.
  • Supports simple games.
  • The imported image and projections are displayed without distortion due to automatic adjustment.
  • Images are reproduced by the projector at a resolution of 1920×1080.

Projector software

The Android TV operating system allows you to work effectively with all applications. By connecting to the wireless Internet, you can use Internet sites such as YouTube, Amazon, Disney, Netflix, etc. and display video on the screen.

Supports only simple games. This is due to the presence of only one USB port. Perfectly displays movies with complex graphics. Even from a USB flash drive, the graphic image is broadcast smoothly without interruption.

Harman/Kardon speakers provide excellent sound, both at maximum volume and with moderate bass, without distortion. You might wonder how such a small projector produces powerful sounds.

Independently corrects the projection of the image on the screen, controlling the sharpness, accuracy and brightness in just 2-4 seconds.

The second camera is responsible for the automatic adjustment of vertical and horizontal distortions. This occurs when the projector is placed at a 90 degree angle to the surface.


Thus, the Elfin portable projector has all the prerequisites to become a favorite both at home and in the office. Fits into any office or home space, takes up little space, provides a high-quality, clear and bright picture with excellent sound.

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