Stylish Welcoming Baby Birth Announcements Templates– Wordings And Ideas

Birth Announcement Templates

It’s a Boy” or “It’s a Girl” is the most-awaited shout out for the new parents. After all, the birth announcement is the world’s happiest news for the parents. Holding this excitement is not easy at all & doing it in the most stunning way can be done with Personalized baby birth announcements. Numbers of options run in your mind and you may be lost in thoughts about whether you should go for birth announcement cards or go for DIY baby Birth Announcements Templates online. So, let’s see what goes into this card first so you get a better idea of what you should choose.

Birth announcement card

Quick Guide On Details To Include In Birth Announcements Templates

The following details are most  commonly mentioned in any birth announcements templates:

  • Name of Newborn
  • Birth Date (Day & Date)
  • Time & Place of Birth
  • Physical Features (Weight & Length)
  • Parent’s Name
  • A Special Message
Birth Announcement Template

These are a few basic things used for birth announcements. You may either choose to hand the cards personally or forward the digital templates on social media. Also, you can make the announcements as formal, unique, or funny as you want. It’s your baby & you will want to make the first impression as the most impactful one.

Personalized Baby Birth Announcements vs. Stationary Stuff

Do you remember the baby shower party? It must be so themed and up to your taste, right? Then why not use a personalized birth announcement design too? Besides wanting things tailored to your needs, you would also keep an eye on your expenses and save bucks for sure. Help yourself with the most wonderful & heart-warming birth announcements templates.

Birth Announcement Templates Design

Opposite to this, you have got an option to pick readymade birth announcements templates from the stationery. Most people find it as a go-to idea to save time but you have to compromise on numbers of things like the color scheme, photo & more. They may be simpler with no photo or a default image of a boy/girl already added with pre-written text and you just have to write the guest names. This can be preferred when you are running out of time but the personalization feels are hard to be felt.

A Newborn is photographed very beautifully right after the birth and having his/her photo itself on the birth announcements templates will seize an ‘aww’ adorable moment forever.

That is why personalized birth announcements are the new legit idea which is sassy & stunning in its own way. You must know the perks of using a DIY baby announcement maker online by now!

Let’s check out some pretty birth announcement wordings ideas for him & her.

Baby Girl Birth Announcement Ideas

Your little princess has just opened her eyes in this world and you are looking for the best baby girl birth announcement wording ideas. You can add beautiful wordings for your little angel like…

  1. A tiny bit of heaven drifted down from above & brought us a BABY GIRL to Love
  2. We found our missing piece in ‘baby name’
  3. Dear ‘baby name’, you are our gift from heaven & we’re more than grateful to have you.
  4. The Best Couple is now promoted to Best Parents with the birth of ‘baby name’
  5. We’ve colored our lives pink with the arrival of ‘baby name’. Welcome to our world!

These hand-picked quotes can be used in dashing birth announcement templates ranging from abstract to classy ones.

baby girl birth announcement templates

Baby Boy Birth Announcement Ideas

Introduce your little prince as a hero by birth and nothing can do the justice to this than a rapturing special message in the birth announcement design. Here a few samples to have a glance at…

  1. A brand-new little baby boy to fill our hearts and lives with joy
  2. A brand-new life has just begun, oh what fun to have a Son!
  3. Cheers to a loving mommy, eager daddy & the most handsome baby boy in the whole world!
  4. Our parenthood has just begun with a handsome son in our hands
  5. Straight from Heaven’s Brightest Star, what a miracle you truly are!
Baby Boy Birth Announcement Templates

Pro Tip:

If this newborn already has an elder sister/brother, you can also use wordings by their side which will make the birth announcement design seem cuter & lovelier.

Announcing a baby is an adorable story and an emotion which is attached to the deepest strings of the hearts. Social Media is just another medium to express your feelings and you can do it in the cutest way.

How To Do Baby Birth Announcements On Social Media

Baby announcement template

Adding a life-event on Facebook or sharing the #firstpicture with your baby is an overwhelming emotion for new parents. Do it in a unique way by selecting a template that justifies your emotions.

Choose the template design & match it with the Social Media Post/Story Size which will only demand a few minutes. Because you will never have a second chance to create a good first impression, you should give it a thought on presenting the news in an awesome manner.

You can select the respective baby Birth Announcement Card, add basic details as mentioned above & share it with the social media platform you wish to. It’s as simple as that! If you wish to create one now, we welcome you to

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