Create an effective time management strategy to become a professional voice actor

become professional voice actor

Let’s be real – being a voice over professional is a challenging work. While being the boss of your own time and working from a remote place might look like a dream job to many, a professional voice actor knows that scheduling work and setting up daily tasks without any formal routine can be a daunting task. Maintaining focus and concentration is required at each step so that the day’s productivity is not lost. Also, having a number of studio recordings can be exhaustive for some and the daily hustle can exhaust one’s creative skills. To deliver professional dubbing services in India, constant motivation to work and produce quality recordings is required to be mastered for maximum productivity.

One thing that cannot be taken for granted is time management and you’d all be amazed how a good time management can help you to reach your full potential. Following a good time table and working on your time management skills can help to achieve the deadlines easier and will reduce the stress in general. This will make you stall your time less, have more time to relax and be productive without any anxiety of left-over work.

Different voice over artists have different ways to manage their time and you have to find what works best for you. Following are some pointers to take into account that will help you to manage your time effectively.

  1. Make a ’to-do’ list

Tasks get completed easily when you work with complete focus. And having a ‘to-do’ list will ensure that you actually have to work on it. There can be some projects in narration or Elearning, demanding longer commitments from your end. It might seem difficult to assign equal time to tasks at hand and those that require your undivided attention, but with meticulous planning one can make their way out of the quagmire. You need to focus on the tasks in hand and allocate a specific amount of time to achieve the result easily. Also, you may want to set reminders on your phone and computer and ensure that your list feels attainable.

  • Set priorities
    Do you tend to push back your priorities? Sticking to a deadline requires prioritization. Map out your assignments and review your calendar daily. Think and systemize the task that needs to be done first and the ones that you can push back a day or two. And while making a decision, remember to pay attention to both the creative and the business aspect of voice overs. This may require you to take up activities that support your goals and push others back. Use your time wisely to feed your creative fire through training and courses and also keep marketing yourself properly and engage in important networking opportunities.
  • Critical goals: Objectives that are essential to your success and must be accomplished. Like recording an audio on time, without compromising on the quality.
  • Enabling goals: Create an environment to fill your critical goals. For example, investing in proper studio equipment and soundproofing your studio for best voice quality.
  • Nice-to-have goals: Help to make your activities faster and easier. Like attending a voice over seminar, networking or learning new voice over skills.
  • Stay Motivated

Motivation looks different to everyone. For some, it can be setting a schedule and for others it might be using social media leads to read a new blog. You can use activities like exercising and staying disciplined to feel motivated all along the day. Also, self-care is important that helps you to overcome the elements of loneliness and isolation. Monotonous routine can n your creative juices and can create a lack of desire to do things. Eating healthy, taking the necessary mental breaks and socializing can help you break the monotony, and keep you on track while delivering professional recordings with ease.

  • Utilize free time and take a Break When You Need it

A balanced lifestyle means that one needs to optimize their professional tasks along with the daily chores. While it is okay to plan your day ahead and adhere to it, it is equally important to not feel ‘burnt-out’. Taking small breaks in-between tasks is important to unwind and to improve your focus. With time, you can develop the skills to organise your day-to-day activities within your free time, hence utilizing your competency to the maximum.

The final thing you must do is evaluate your personal time-management performance and seek continuous improvement for future growth. Whether you are an Audiobook Voice Over Artist for Hindi language or an Elearning narrator, to improve your efficiency, you must allow your previous work, demos and auditions speak for you. Creating your profile on online voice over marketplaces like Voyzapp can help you to upload your previous voice over demos and you can utilize your time effectively, and get better opportunities.

Remember to frequently visit your daily task list, streamline your work, prioritize things effectively and mark the chores that need to be done the next day. Devote your time realistically to every voice over project and task to get the best possible outcome!