SEO Issues to Watch Out During Website Redesigning

Website Redesigning - SEO Issues to Watch Out

Redesigning is one of the most critical requirements for websites, and website owners cannot ignore it. Take the example of a house which has worn-out paint but everything else, interior wise is on point. The outdated look of the home triggers the owners to get it repainted. They do so, but in the process, the interior is disturbed completely. Now the owners have a house with paint on point but totally misplaced interior.

The same is the case with website redesigning and SEO. Redesigning the website will affect your SEO. However, you cannot leave it as it is, like the misplaced interior, but you have to make an effort and fix it too. At times website owners are not even aware of the issue and wonder why they are getting low traffic even after redesigning and updating their website. If you are also among them, you are missing on SEO.

Dig deeper into this article to explore the SEO issues you should watch out for during website redesigning plan and enjoy a boost in your website traffic.

Top 7 SEO Issues to Fix while Redesigning a Website

Website redesigning is inevitable. On the other hand, SEO can also get affected during the process. It does not mean that you have to give up website redesigning or SEO. Getting both done at the same time is possible. You just have to be cautious of the SEO issues and fix them once you have redesigned your website so you do not lose your traffic.

Here are the top SEO issues you should consider and fix while redesigning your website.

1. Ponder New Sitemap

One of the basic points that you need to consider in terms of search engine optimization while redesigning your website is to ponder the sitemap. Make sure that all the website pages are in their place. Navigation of the site should be smooth enough not to disturb SEO. Some website owners prefer to hire an SEO services company to let the experts look through the navigation and fix if there are any issues with the new site map in order to save their SEO.

2. Crawl Old Site

Another point you should consider about search engine optimization while redesigning your website is to crawl the old site. Doing so will not only highlight the areas that require redesigning the most, but it will also help you explore the opportunities for optimization. So, kill two birds with one stone by redesigning the website and optimizing it according to the requirement.

3. Check Current Pages

Another important point to consider while getting your website redesigned is to check the current pages. It is specifically important to avoid any search engine optimization related issues later on. Checking the current pages will help you identify useless and unnecessary pages on the website. You can use this opportunity to remove them, which will positively impact search engine optimization.

4. Check for 404 Errors

One of the most critical issues you need to consider in terms of search engine optimizations while getting your website redesigned is checking for 404 errors. The 404 errors denote not found. In other words, it means the users are unable to find some page on your site. Fix the issue, so the users do not get this issue. If you do not know how to fix this, contact the experts and let them take care of all the technical issues for you.

5. Recheck Usability Functions

Another important point to take care of while redesigning the website is rechecking the usability functions. If your website does not clear the usability test, it might score low on rankings. If you want to get higher website traffic and ranking, fix the usability.

6. Fix Meta Issues

One of the most critical points to consider in terms of search engine optimization while getting a website redesigned is fixing the Meta issue. Meta descriptions and title tags are significantly important in search engine optimization. After redesigning the website, check the Meta title and description tags again to ensure you have entered them correctly.

7. Check Indexed Pages

Lastly, you should check your indexed pages on Google to fix the search engine optimization issues after getting your website redesigned. Resubmitting the sitemap is not enough. Checking the indexed pages will help get a better grasp of the situation. If you are not much aware of the technical details, do not commit any mistake or Read Full Article miss out on something. You can hire a firm and let the experts take care of all the SEO matters so you can enjoy a high ranking and traffic.

Do not ignore SEO while redesigning your website!

If you are ignoring SEO just to get your website redesigned, you are committing a mistake. The redesigned website will not serve any purpose if SEO is compromised. So, contact the experts to fix the SEO issues after redesigning your website and enjoy a boost in traffic.

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