Importance of Homepage And It’s Traits You Must Know

Importance of Homepage And It's Traits You Must Know

A website has multiple pages, and each page has some information that differs from other pages. Each page contains at least one link that navigates the user to the other pages, but it is not very common. The homepage is one of the pages that creates chances of directing the user from one page to another.

Web developers and designers spend most of their time on a website’s homepage because it is the main page of a website. A website’s home page is one of the pages on which a user spends most of their time. That is why they have to contain some features and traits to attract users.

Keep scrolling the article to get familiar with the traits and features your homepage must have along with their benefits.

Top 4 benefits of a website’s homepage

Websites overall provide multiple benefits to a business and its growth. But not all the pages of a website are effective in achieving your goals. One of the most effective pages of your website is the homepage.

Below is the reason why and how homepages are beneficial for your website see it here.

1. Contains the logo

One of the important factors your homepage must contain is the logo. You will see very few homepages that do not have the logo. The logo is important for brand identification and is always clickable; they must perform a call to action when you click on the logo.

Visitors usually land on a home page, and the logo on the homepage helps them know about your services without reading the content on the home page. It means that your brand recognition improves through your home page.

2. Navigation to other pages

Homepage increases the chances of navigating to other pages of your website. It contains chunks of each page and urges the website user to visit the other pages one by one searching for information.

Navigating from one to other pages on your website optimizes your website. To implement proper and smooth navigating actions to your website, acquire the website design Dubai based firm and help your visitors have a better experience roaming around your website.

3. Encourages user to browse further

The information chunks about other pages on your homepage will encourage the user to browse further. That is why it is important to have testimonials and a few of your services on the homepage because it will attract the user to browse and know more. Another benefit of the homepage is that it improves the website visitor’s trust level by providing information and proof of your clients’ services.

4. Provides an overview of the website

Your homepage contains the crux of your whole website. A website visitor can easily identify whether the website has the information he needs or not by looking at the homepage. Your homepage contains a summary of the website along with an overview of who you are.

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Top 5 traits and features your homepage must have

There are a few features and traits that make a homepage unique and attractive. Without having those features on your home page, you will not enjoy the benefits of a homepage.

Following are some very common traits and characteristics that every homepage must-have.

1. Define website goals

Your homepage must contain the content that will exhibit the goals of your website. It must provide an overview of your services and what kind of users can benefit from your website. Remember, the webpage visitors have no time to look at all your pages to know your objectives.

2. Includes the details of your services

Add testimonials and your clients’ reviews on your services on the homepage. It will help the user develop trust and identify whether you are the right people to contact or not. Include a brief description of your services and work and define your scope.

3. Simple design

Make your homepages simple and consistent. Do not overdo your homepage to attract more visitors. Webpage users prefer simplicity, and you must provide simple and consistent home pages. It is also important that other webpages are coherent with the homepage. Hire the services of website design Dubai located firms to develop unique, simple and coherent websites.

4. Social media handles

Provide web users with multiple options to reach you. It is important to add the footer on your homepage that must contain the contact details, and other social medial handle links to contact you or view more details about you on different social media platforms.

5. Call to actions

Your home page must have a call to action. If there is no call to action on a homepage, then there are limited chances that the user will navigate through your website. Call to action helps the user understand what actions they need to take next. A website user is directed to a homepage, and if he has no clue what to do, then that user will quit viewing your website.

Look At This

Design your websites to flourish your business

The website’s design is very important if you want to enjoy all the benefits of having a website. The first thing a visitor notices is your website’s design; if the design is a mess and not appealing to the eyes, the visitor will close the website and switch to other appealing websites. Make your website designs unique, simple, yet attractive to achieve your goals and objectives.