PRINCE2 Project Managers

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 We are all doing similar things.  (No, we probably aren’t doing the same things, but similar things.)  We all fix, replace, and build.  We are all engaged in similar activities. As you can find on a prince 2 Course London qualification.

The powers that be (and there are always six!) are always taking a closer look at activities.

Project teams are being asked to do more with very little.  Projects are being given more attention and resources than ever before.  Have you noticed?

The same for the project managers themselves.

Project managers have to do more with less.

What’s more amazing is that managers themselves are doing more with less.

Let me explain.

Project managers, on average, are expected to do at least twice as much as they used to.  What’s more incredible is that managers themselves are doing twice as much as ever before. (thanks are in order.)

Not only are managers still asked to do the same activities they were doing in the past, they are also being asked to do more.  Let me put it another way:

While the projects may have been established with the end result in mind, getting to the end result has become the project manager’s job.  So much so that it’s now a rite of passage.  In some cases it’s aled to the waterfall.  These projects are always on the right track and they have worked out well in the past.

They don’t hold up.  Attempts don’t succeed and another attempt is quit before it even has a chance.

Now change is happening at alarming rate.  It happens faster than it previously did.  It’s not a trifling change or a trend.  It’s an entire industry.

Projects are normally somewhere between an attempt that has fallen flat and a story that finally ends.  But all that is really happening is the end of a chapter.  It’s the beginning of a new first chapter.

I’m not sure if you’re getting my point, but it’s key to measure what’s going on within the people moving forward.  Test the water through your own experiences and gather an outsider’s point of view.  The resulting data will be a powerful tool to gauge future projects.