Best Google Review Widgets For Squarespace Website

Best Google Review Widgets For Squarespace Website

The validation of the customers is crucial for all brands and businesses. Google reviews have become important for businesses these days since it helps brands to help their potential customers trust the brand and its products. 

Google provides its users with a space where they can openly discuss and speak about their experiences with the brands. Brands can create a Google My Business account wherein the users of the brands can rate the products and services of the brand and leave their reviews and feedback. 

Being a marketing touchpoint, the website of the brand is crucial and needs to have the right content to convince the website visitors to purchase the products. Over the years, Google reviews have become an integral part of brand websites and a large number of brands have been able to convert the visitors into existing customers. 

Embedding a Google review widget on the website is a great strategy to increase the website visitors’ engagement and for increasing sales/conversions of the brand. 

If you are wondering about the embedding process, there are multiple tools available online to embed Google reviews on the website. 

In this blog, we shall be telling you about the best tools that can be used to embed Google reviews on your Squarespace website. 

However, first, we are going to tell you about the major benefits of using google reviews on the website. 

Benefits Of Using Google Reviews On Squarespace Website

  • Increase Engagement

The major concern for website owners is the lack of engagement on the website. By embedding Google reviews, you shall be able to easily increase the engagement of the website users. 

The nature of Google reviews is quite engaging and your website visitors would be compelled to explore the website more. This would lead to more engagement on your website. 

  • Instill Faith & Confidence In Users 

For any website visitor, it would be quite difficult to trust your brand in one go and try out your products. 

Since Google reviews are unscripted, raw, and authentic, they work amazingly well to gain the faith of your visitors. 

Google Reviews are the content created for the users, by the users and this is why users are able to trust the content easily. Moreover, surveys suggest that more than 90% of your potential customers go through User-Generated Content in the form of reviews and feedback before making a purchase-related decision. 

Displaying it further on the website pushes the website to purchase the products since it instills faith and confidence within them. 

  • Escalates Conversions & Sales 

The main factors that help brands to increase their conversions are by engaging the customers and gaining their trust. Once these two factors are attained, it would gradually increase the brand conversion rate significantly since customers would be compelled to purchase more. 

Now that you are aware of the benefits and significance of embedding Google Reviews, in the next section, we shall be telling you about the best tools to embed the widget. 

Best Tools To Embed Google Review Widget On Squarespace Website

  • Taggbox Widget

Taggbox is the best social media aggregation tool and User-Generated Content platform that allows you to collect, curate, and embed social media content from over 15+ social media platforms including Google reviews. 

To increase the impact of the widget, the users can utilize the advanced features of the platform. The users can customize the widget using a variety of options like fonts, colors, templates, etc. 

Internet users can troll brands unnecessarily and leave nasty reviews to tarnish their reputations. Hence, users can use the advanced content moderation panel to remove any unwanted or inappropriate content from the widget. 

Using advanced analytics, the users can keep track of the performance of the widget. Users can leverage details like the total number of impressions, clicks, and much more. 

The robust back support team can be used by the platform users to take assistance if they come across any issue while using the platform. 

  • Tagembed

Another responsive and user-friendly platform is Tagembed. It allows users to effortlessly collect and embed content from various social media platforms to the Squarespace website. 

Users can leverage various features on the platform. The users can customize their widget as per their needs. The content can be moderated before publishing it on the website. 

Tagembed also offers advanced analytics to the users for getting insights on the performance of the widget. 

  • Elfsight

The last tool on the list is Elfsight. Like the other mentioned widgets, this tool is also a social media aggregation tool that serves the purpose of fetching reviews from Google.

Once the content is aggregated, users can customize its look and make it more attractive by changing the template and its layout.

The tool allows users to display the content in the form of a grid, carousel, slider, slideshow, etc. 

Closing Note

Displaying Google reviews on the website is a total game-changer for your marketing efforts. It effortlessly maximizes your profits and takes your business to a whole new level.

This brings us to the end of this blog and you are now aware of the best tools to embed Google review widgets to your Squarespace website.

We highly recommend you choose your best fit and start this strategy right away!