How many B.Tech in Marine Engineering colleges in India based on placements?

Marine Engineering colleges

B.Tech in Marine Engineering is one of the most prominent engineering courses among bright aspirants as it offers some flourishing career alternatives. It also provides a chance for the candidate to work and settle abroad. Furthermore, it also ensures a high starting salary when compared to other engineering courses. All these prospects make Marine Engineering an ideal choice for the aspirant as it secures their future. With the job market continuously fluctuating, one must choose a degree that can help make sure that their future is bright and filled with opportunities for success.

Marine engineering courses involve the study of numerous controls and systems in a ship used to control the navigation and regulate the safety of the people on board. The study also includes other concepts like ship structural design, electrical and mechanical engineering for a strenuous approach.

Top Marine engineering colleges

Below are the four B.Tech in Marine Engineering colleges in India based on placements.

1. Tolani Maritime Institute- TMI

Established in the city of Pune in 1998, TMI is a private engineering college that offers several programs in the field of Marine Engineering at different levels, which are also approved by the Maritime Port Authority located in Singapore. Admissions are on the basis of IMUCET ranks and each applying candidate must be deemed medically fit according to the set criteria.

The eligibility criteria to apply for the course is passing the 12th-grade examination with at least 60% and more in Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics and scoring 50% or more in English in either 12th or 10th-grade examination. It features the highest placement rating among the other marine engineering colleges.

2. International Maritime Institute, Greater Noida

Located in Greater Noida and established in 1992, IMI is one of the premier private maritime institutes in India. The Indian Register of Shipping ranked the institution as A1 ‘Outstanding’ which is the highest certification that can be given to a maritime training institution in India. The programs offered vary from pre-sea to post-sea and the college is equipped with the latest technology to impart high-quality knowledge to its students. Placement- wise, it currently stands at 100%. Although the percentages dipped in 2018, it shot back up as in 2019 the entire batch was successfully placed.

3. Hindustan Institute of Maritime Training- HMIT College

Affiliated to IMI or Indian Maritime University and also approved by DG of Shipping, it was founded in the year 1998. It is located in Kalpakkam, Kilpauk, Vizag, and Tidel Park. It has recently introduced Coastguard and Maritime Agency (MCA, UK) approved courses. The institution has also received International and national awards in recognition of its dedication to Maritime training. HMIT is the only college in India that offers every discipline of post-sea and pre-sea all under a single roof. This private college has a 75% overall placement record.

4. CUSAT- Cochin University of Science and Technology

CUSAT was founded in the year 1971 and is located in Kochi. It is accredited A grade by the NAAC and is also affiliated with the All India Council of Technical Education, the National Board of Accreditation, and other similar institutions. The campus is spread across 180 acres of land and also offers 2 types of scholarships to the candidates. As of the year 2020, a total of 306 received placement offers.

Final words

These top four B.Tech in marine engineering colleges in India have the best education system for candidates. Although the admission criteria may differ, the candidate can choose the college at their convenience.