9 most effective types of fundraising methods you should know about


Raising funds is a challenging thing, and it requires you to try out various models and strategies to achieve your goals. When it comes to new nonprofit organizations, their staff is under pressure as they work on tight deadlines and resources. However, they can make use of different types of fundraising models to get success for their missions.

Keep in mind that the strategies might work differently for different organizations. The right model will empower you to make the best use of fundraising opportunities. We are sharing this list of some popular types of fundraising.

This post will be useful for your nonprofit organization, whether you just started. Let’s get started!

#1 Crowdfunding

According to Wikipedia, in 2015, over 30B US dollars were raised all across the globe by crowdfunding.

Best Crowdfunding platform is one of the most preferred ways for nonprofits to raise money in less time. However, it is suggested to create smart strategies to attract prospects. You can use engaging videos and graphics to get more donations.

#2 Direct mail

Charity donations that you make through this type of fundraising ordinarily come in the form of checks. Your target audience for direct mail fundraising will probably be Baby boomers and Gen X. It is suggested to send them envelopes with self-address so that it will be easy for them.

#3 Partnerships

Partnerships with local brands are one of the popular ways to raise money. Interestingly, the partnership of nonprofits and brands brings benefits to both. When you partner with brands, you will get significant donations in the form of sponsorships. And, the nonprofits will make use of the products those partner brands offer.

Even a single sponsorship can help your organization run smoothly. However, this type of fundraising method is challenging.

#4 Events

In the world of fundraising, events also provide immense opportunities to raise money. Your organization can pick from a wide range of event types such as marathons, galas, cooking classes, live concerts, art exhibitions, auctions, meet and greet, etc.

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Such events are usually enjoyable, so these may attract a broader range of audiences. The donations that you receive might come in different forms as per the type of event you host.

#5 Door-to-door fundraising

The door-to-door fundraising approach is not used frequently in the modern scenario. However, this method is successful because it can create a great impact on people. your organization can also indulge in one-on-one interaction with the prospects to let them know your mission in a more personal way.

#6 Phone solicitations

Raising funds via telemarketing has become one of the standard practices. Phone solicitations mean you make requests for donations from your prospects over the phone. It is recommended to focus on the people you personally know and have already contributed to your mission. It will help you get better results.

#7 Offer a donation upgrade

This approach is useful for organizations that have an online donation platform. You can include the option to upgrade the donation and let people give more. Just implement a donation upgrade strategy in various ways on your platform. You can also offer freebies while asking them to donate a minimum amount for your cause.

#8 Text-to-Give

Text donations are one of the popular ways to raise money for charity causes. You might have already come across the TV ads where you are asked to donate money. By including this method in your strategies, your organization can reach a wider audience and achieve goals quickly.

#9 Peer-to-peer fundraising

It is one of the most effective and efficient methods for raising money. In this fundraising method, you use your existing supporters and ask them to reach their peers for donations.

The people your donors reach could be their friends, family, or co-workers. When your donors reach their network, they will share your mission’s story in the most efficient way. This trust will help your organization in the long run.

Peer-to-peer fundraising can be done in many ways, such as direct approach, phone calls, over the internet, etc. However, online fundraising is one of the most successful and quick ways.

In this, your supporters create their own fundraising pages. You can use the Best Fundraising Platform on the internet.

They can share those online campaigns on their social media profiles and ask their network to support your mission.

Pick any one of these methods or combine multiple, you will get huge growth in the donations, and your tribe of loyal supporters will also increase.