How can I earn from Google at home?


First thing first you need to know how many platforms have from which you can make money. The most powerful platform from google provides some offers to many users to make money. And those are Google search engine and Youtube. You can make earn from Google at home if you post content on these platforms. All you have to aware of some basic process, and once you figure out the way you can earn without any doubt. There are several things you have to do before earning from Google all we will cover in this article.

Make your blog

This is the first way and easy way to earn money from Google at home. Creating your blog can help you to make money from home. The process is quite simple:

Make your website: for start your blog you have to make your website. The website is simple you have to buy a domain with a hosting service where you can store your data. 

Pic a niche: you might have any interest or talent that you want to share. Whatever information you want to share you can share it in your blog. 

Write quality and comprehensive content: next task is you have to write quality and easily readable content. Whatever niche you will select there are high chances that someone is already working on the same niche. And winning the competition you have to do something different. You can more lengthy content than your competitors. 

Do some for your website: this is again one of the very essential processes you need to follow. Because doing a proper SEO you can not rank your article. And doing SEO you have to follow the following tips:

  1. Write the title and description for you all your pages.
  2. Put focus keywords in your title and description.
  3. Use low size images on your sites. However, do not compromise with the image quality.
  4. Reduce the website loading speed.
  5. Make some backlinks for your blog.

These are basic terms you need to know for doing SEO for your site. You can share your blog with many guest blogs for building backlinks. 

Ask for Google Adsense: after doing all the stuff you have to apply for Google Adsense. And with Google Adsense, you can earn money. The more visitors come to your site more money you will earn. 

Here the end of making money from the Google search engine. 

Earn From the Youtube

The next option is youtube. Here you make videos regarding a particular niche. And once you are able to run ads for the youtube videos you earn from your youtube channel. But as compared to blog Adsense here you have to put more effort to run ads on your platform. In youtube, if you want Adsense then you have to complete 4000 hours of watch time within a time period. As well as you have complete 1000 subscribers. After following all the requirements of the Youtube policy you can earn money from your videos. And in your blog, you can earn from your blog within 1 month with few visitors on a daily basis. Although, if you want to make more you need to grab more visitors on both platforms.


These two methods are the most famous way to make money from Google at home. If you are eager to make money online then this could be the best option for you. You just have to follow the above tips. And we would like to inform you that we are providing A digital marketing service for small businesses. If you need any help regarding digital marketing you can visit our website by clicking the link previous line.