A Brief History of the Means and Instruments of Shaving

instruments of shaving
instruments of shaving

Here are some a brief history of the means and instruments of shaving which you should know about. We mentioned some tips of shaving and the history of shaving instruments. Now let’s start talking about it.

Facial growth in man                        

Where there is man, there will be a beard. Facial hair growth takes place automatically. This is entirely due to the hormones, called androgens, present in the body. The difference is that some men have scanty hair growth, some have a reasonably bushy and fast-growing one, and some have a lot of it. This difference is often attributed to the genetic makeup of the person, in some, depending on their ethnicity. Yet again, for some, it is a question of heredity. 

It all begins from the period of man attaining puberty in his early years. The facial hair begins to sprout, in the beginning, on the upper lip and slowly spreads to the cheeks and chin areas. They are merely tiny wisps of hair and give the person a sense of growing maturity. He begins to feel like all is well with the world, and more often than not, a constant comparison game is played with their peers. 

After a while, the facial hair growth starts becoming more prominent. Then is the time, depending on one’s personal choice and opinion, when the decision has to be taken to continue with the growth or have it all clean-shaven. On continuing with the growth comes the realization that trimming becomes necessary, and of-course, styling has to follow.

Task of Styling

In the recent past, a beard for men meant a streak of facial hair connecting the two sideburns and running over the chin. The minimum or maximum that one could or would do was to determine the length of hair in one’s beard or how much space to spread it upon one’s face, according to one’s personal choice. There were bushy beards, less bushy beards, a more or less thin line of a beard etc. The options were not really more open. The fact of the matter was, the tools for the job meant a pair of scissors and a shaky hand to carry out any trimming work.

It is clear; the task was not at all an easy one, the resultant look and factor, even more disappointing. One had to further bear up with the more often than not, nicks and cuts left behind. Yet, and as should be, the ideas of facial and head grooming have evolved. People are now definitely becoming more adventuresome, trying out new styles better suited to them. The problem did arise, of suitable gadgets in the market, to carry out successfully, one’s whims and fancies in the art of hair grooming. Actually, there were not too many options.

A bit of razor history

Let us now get together and discuss how the shaving aspect for man evolved. However, let us save ourselves the trouble of looking too far back not to get confused. Instead, let us travel a mite further, into the more recent past, to be able to stay better connected. Let us stay in more familiar territory. Let us begin with the period, or phase of safety razors, which came with removable blades. 


Safety Razor

Safety razors with removable blades are something; more or less all of us are familiar with. It came with a circular handle connected to a head. The head would open up by twisting a section of the handle, exposing the inside portion, where a blade would be inserted. By retwisting the section of the handle, the head would then close. There were slits on either side where the edge of the blade would protrude. Every new blade could be used for five to six smooth shaves and then would have to be replaced. This helped in a more or less fine shave. However, it was not so effective and convenient for beard styling.

Cartridge Razor

Then we progressed to the era of cartridge razors. In this case, the entire head area would have to be removed after a couple of shaves and a new head or cartridge would have to be inserted. These razors were more conveniently designed with every cartridge bearing anywhere between two to five blades. This definitely meant a much closer shave where the cutting pattern was helped by the involvement of two or more blades working simultaneously.

In this section, was also introduced the disposable safety razor. It was much lighter than the basic cartridge razor and therefore easier to use because it was made out of light polycarbonate material. In this case however, the entire razor is to be disposed of and a new razor takes its place, after a few shaves or till it begins to rust.

Electric Razor

Finally, and at last, it was the turn of the electric shaver for men. The ultimate breakthrough was made. The Electric Razor comes with a single or three oscillating blades on the head and a firm grip handle. Thankfully, pertaining to us humans’ changing needs and desires, as on date, there is an array of men’s head shavers, face shavers, hair clippers and trimmers, women’s shavers, along with a vast amount of features and choice of accessories. Let us make you familiar with just some of them.


Today’s head and face shaver are not only restricted to shaving beards, but are also multi-faceted. There are gadgets available in the market, which can do complete justice to hairy areas such as the head, chest, beard or any other part of the body having unwanted hair. Obviously, the options on these gadgets are more and functionally too. 

Wet and Dry Shaver

One has the option of both a wet and dry shaving experience, at one will. Dry shaves are preferable to some with a certain kind of skin condition. It is also beneficial for persons in hurried time. A wet shave is for people desiring a more relaxed and comforting shave and definitely a finer one.

Battery time

This is a factor close to the heart of persons who are engaged in frequent travelling and seemingly living off suitcases. The battery, therefore, needs to be more powerful and easier and faster to recharge. Also, it is for the benefit of persons who need more flexibility, when and where to shave.

All said and done, and as on date, we can take pride in the fact that we indeed have a gadget for shaving, which aptly fits the bill and takes care of all our needs, requirements, and desires in personal grooming a beard or no beard is concerned.