Looking to hire a document translation agency? Don’t miss these key identifiers.

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Most of the companies these days are looking to enhance and broaden their international reach, there has been an increasing need for professional document translations. Diversifying your products and services in the overseas market is no easy feat and requires extensive research. Communicating your thoughts and ideas to the native customers can act as a barrier as they might not even speak your language. Document translation encompasses wide range of documents related to:

  1. Business translation

As more and more businesses are expanding their horizon, to stay relevant in the market, there is a constant need to communicate in the native language of the customers. To improve your credibility in the market sans any language barrier, it is important to get your business documents translated professionally.

The success of your business endeavor and the ROI you generate have a direct relation to the communication you make while delivering the intended message with accurate terminology. A Professional translation agency in India, therefore plays a huge part in any business expansion strategy.

  1. Legal translation

To translate texts for exchanging information across borders and for implementing legislations according to international standards, Legal translations play an important role. These translations require highly skilled professionals who can understand legal terminologies and are specialized in specific areas of law.

Legal translations are critical as these are merely word-to-word translations. The priority and complexity of legal translations require veteran linguists who can deliver expert and on time output.

  1. Medical translation

The sensitive and crucial medical documents such as  ICFs, drug data sheets, prescriptions, regulatory records, etc require a thorough attention to detail while translating.

A slight error can cause heavy repercussions to the life of an individual. Hence, highly qualified and technically sound translators are required for Medical translations who are well aware of the terminologies and jargons of the Medical domain. Also, the information in these documents is highly confidential and the privacy must be of utmost importance for any translation vendor.

  1. Technical translation

The translation of Technical and research-oriented documents require an expertise of specialized terminologies and a technical translation background, preferably a university degree. Only a competent translation vendor that has expert and technically sound translators can be able to produce professional Technical translations without any error.

A thorough research and screening must be undertaken while hiring a service provider for any project and the following key identifiers must be acknowledged while choosing a document translation services company –

  1. Accurate and Professional Translations

The first requirement of any document translation company is that it should be able to produce quality, certified and flawless translations. You must ensure that the translators are qualified enough to provide you with quality translations, irrespective of the document length or volume. The right agency will have expert translators who are able to provide accurate translations at highly competitive prices.

  1. Native and Professional Translators

Professional translators have extensive experience in their respective domains and an expert and structured approach to any verbal and non-verbal communication. Accuracy in translation is only achieved when the translators have a thorough understanding of the cultural references and the original context. A certified translation company handpicks their translators and only works with native and skilled translators who have working knowledge of the subject matter.

  1. Issues of Confidentiality

The confidentiality of the document is of prime importance to any translation agency. The document might contain any personal or sensitive information which should not be shared with the third party. A good translation company has strict guidelines and intolerance towards data and security breeching. Remember to discuss all specifications before finalizing any company.

  1. Meeting those deadlines

The situation of urgency is unfathomable and sometimes you are required to deliver content within a short notice. Especially if you are handling legal or technical documents, then a delay might cause immeasurable defiling to your firm. Therefore, the translation company should deliver quality translations within tighter deadlines and notices.

  1. Quality Policy

A great quality policy in place ensures that the content is translated and proofread by native translators, reviewed by senior linguists and analysed by the quality team by following a quality checklist. Efficient quality policy dictates that the project is managed systematically by the translation agency and the teams are well efficient to deliver lucid and faultless documents, maintaining the highest quality.

  1. Flexibility to changes and availability

These two factors are the least attended ones but are very important factors while opting for any language service company. Sometimes changes can occur at the last minute and the agency you hire should have the proficiency to attend to any last minute alterations. Also, as various agencies are present in different time zones, it is essential to check the availability of the team 24*7 for a better customer experience.

As the internet has opened avenues to select document translation companies online, you should also check and analyze the costs and additional requirements such as DTP services before you take the final call. As a reputable Language Service Provider, LanguageNoBar offers certified document translation services in more than 150 languages through a network of 10000+ native and professional translators.

The linguists, editors and proofreaders are subject experts and follow a proper multi-tier policy for precise translations. A proper analysis and structured research can help you to obtain the highest quality translations at best turnaround and widen your business horizon!

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