How Launching A Gojek Clone App Amid COVID-19 Can Guarantee Success For Entrepreneurs?

Gojek Clone Solutions

Can you believe that a tiny invisible pathogen paved the way for the global economic downfall? Stock Markets are crashing, and businesses are running out of funds. Lockdowns in full action steered indefinite closures for educational institutions, and people are stranded in their homes. The fear of contracting the virus, coupled with the restrictions in movements, brought the whole world to a screeching halt. 

With Q2 & Q3 of 2020 predominantly occupied by lockdowns and mortality counts, the reconstruction phase has begun in Q4. Returning to normalcy is no easy feat after the havoc caused by COVID-19 on businesses. However, as a dark cloud with a silver lining, the pandemic has made people realize the importance of on-demand apps. The sheer convenience of availing services via smartphones has created a new buzz among the audience. The massive rise of platforms like Instacart, UberEats, Practo, Drizly, etc., are concrete examples of the above statement. 

But did you know that an entrepreneur can culminate in numerous services under one roof? Yes, with a multi-service app like Gojek, it is possible to turn your platform into a one-stop destination for on-demand services. With people relying on the online medium, is launching a Gojek clone a sure-shot success for a businessperson? Explore more to find out. 

On-demand services that rose to the occasion! 

Here’s a list of services whose demand went through the ceiling amid the pandemic situation. 

Grocery delivery:

The market for grocery delivery services witnessed a massive spike since March. Platforms like Instacart, Walmart, etc., struggled to cope with the demands of the people. Shipt saw a 300% increase in demand for same-day delivery service compared to the same quarter of the previous year. According to Absolute Market Insights, the global grocery delivery market will accelerate with a healthy CAGR of 20.63% due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Food Delivery:

With governments of various nations restricting dine-ins as a measure to curb disease spread, restaurants began parading towards third-party food delivery platforms. Grubhub joined hands with more than 20,000 restaurants immediately after the lockdown, and UberEats surpassed Uber’s ride-hailing divisions in terms of sales and bookings. 

Telemedicine services:

Did you know the government of the United Kingdom encouraged General Practitioners (GPs) to take their services digital? With people fearing to reach out to jam-packed hospitals filled with COVID-19 wards, remote doctor consultations have become a reality. Telemedicine platforms like Practo, AccuRx, AmWell, etc., have witnessed tremendous demand since the lockdown. It is estimated that the global market for telemedicine platforms will reach $41.2 billion in 2021. 

Video streaming services:

In the outbreak season, people had smartphones in their hands and time to burn. People began to binge-watch their favorite shows/movies with their friends and family, leading to the massive rise of video streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, etc. Netflix witnessed 16 million new sign-ups during the lockdown. The global video-streaming market forecasts a CAGR of 20.4% between 2020 and 2027. 

People are enjoying services from all these apps. When a single app can encompass all these services under one roof, imagine the traffic, sales, and popularity! As a result, do not hesitate to avail Gojek clone solutions from an expert app development company. 

Lucrative benefits of a multi-service app 

An all-inclusive Super app comes with enticing advantages for the entire ecosystem. These benefits include 

One-stop-shop for customers:

Customers needn’t switch between different apps for numerous services. A Super app can replace more than 50+ apps, leading to enhanced convenience and accessibility. Customers can book taxis, order food, pay bills, shop clothes & groceries, demand home service professionals, and many more with a single app like Gojek. 

The global customer base for service providers:

Service providers signing up with the platform needn’t worry about demand as they have access to a worldwide customer base. They can showcase their skills, build a profile, market their brand, and earn a reputation by being a part of the multi-service platform. This way, service providers boost their profits in no time. 

Enhanced chances of success for entrepreneurs:

The narrow success rate is, by far, the only drawback when it comes to launching on-demand apps. A multi-service app with 50+ services has better chances of success as the poor reception of one or two services is counterbalanced by other services. This way, entrepreneurs get to maximize their profits with little investments.  

Thus, it is clear that launching a Gojek clone app can lead to a win-win-win situation for all the stakeholders. 


Entrepreneurs with the right approach, leveraging the Super app strategy, can turn their visions and ideas into a lucrative business opportunity. With people demanding different on-demand services, the market for multi-service apps will grow exponentially in the upcoming years. All you need is a robust app by your side that can captivate the audience and sustain app traffic. Reach out to an app development company, customize their Gojek clone script, and roll out your multi-service app right away.