Different Types of Desert Safari

Overnight desert safari 

Whenever the word Desert Safari comes, suddenly Dubai appears in our minds. Isn’t so? Dubai is the second name of luxury, fantasies, stunning views, and tall buildings. Dubai is known for its golden dunes and for seeing the sand taken away by the wind in a moment of silence. If you are a traveling enthusiast, you love visiting Dubai deserts and being inspired by their beauty.

What if it’s your first-time visit to Dubai and you don’t know about the Dubai safari in the deserts? What deal is the best, and what are the offered activities in the safari? Don’t worry; we’ll help you out by listing each safari one by one that takes place at different times of the day.

You will enjoy several activities like dune bashing, sandboarding, camel riding, henna painting, photography, dance performances, fire show, night camping under the sky, buffet dinner, and much more. Your tour begins when a 4×4 vehicle will pick you up and take you to the golden world, where you will enjoy heart throbbing scenery. 

Types Of Desert Safari Dubai

There are three main types of Dubai safari which include morning, evening, and overnight desert safari. Each of them has its charm and beauty. You can choose the safari of your choice from the package and enjoy various activities mentioned in the package. Let’s have a look below to get information. 

Morning desert safari

Explore the desert in the morning with a heart-throbbing view of sunrise. You cannot deny the beauty of it; the land cruiser will pick you early in the morning so that you can enjoy the delightful scenery and take photographs to make this moment memorable. You can enjoy a variety of free activities, including quad biking for 30 minutes almost. You can enjoy this great activity on the golden dunes. You can also enjoy camel riding, sand boarding but maybe you have to pay additional charges. Some packages offer all such activities without charging extra money. You will see many people enjoying their morning in the desert. The morning safari is almost 6 hours long, so that you can want more. Keep in mind; some companies offer sunrise safari and morning safari separately. 

Evening Desert Safari

Dubai safari in the desert in the evening time gives you a whole different vibe. Imagine a sunset view, and you are taking photographs in the desert in front of the orangish sun; people who are not available in the morning or love to see sunsets should prefer an evening safari. Enjoy a wide spectrum of traditional activities, such as Shisha smoking, henna tattooing, falconry, and a BBQ dinner complemented with Arabic performances, such as the Tanura and belly dance show. You will enjoy similar activities offer in the morning including, dune buggy, sandboarding, camel riding, henna design, etc. Some companies may exclude dune bashing in the evening. Your evening safari starts at 3 pm. 

Overnight desert safari 

Spend a romantic evening in the dunes of Dubai and count the stars while basking in the moonlight. Do you dream of staying under the Arabian stars? Then an overnight desert safari is for you. This guarantees you an unforgettable night in the desert wonderland since your service provider will arrange all camping, dining, and other activities. In addition, you’ll enjoy stunning sunrise views as well as a hearty breakfast and a tasty cup of Arabic coffee. Some companies offer an extension of the evening safari as an overnight safari. So, just read the packages carefully. 

Points To Note 

  • Sometimes, you will also get various packages offered by the company like VIP Dubai safari, hummer desert safari in which you will get the VIP treatment all the time. It is basically a private safari tour specifically for you. So, choose the package carefully according to your needs.
  • Wear comfy clothes according to your chosen safari package, as evenings are chilly and mornings are hot, so bring shawls in the evenings and to protect your skin from sun exposure, apply sunscreen. 
  • Moreover, the companies also offer combo deals that are comparatively affordable, and you will get various activities in one package. 
  • Pregnant ladies, children, and people with any disease should avoid desert safari tours.
  • Be sure to take safety precautions before each ride. Any inconvenience you experience, you can convey it to the guide concerned.  

Concluding Thoughts

Desert safari is one of the tremendous experiences of life. If you ever get a chance to visit Dubai, don’t miss seeing the golden landscape of Dubai. It is a complete source of entertainment and fun choosing any of the safari packages. You can choose any package that appeals to you because each time has its own charm and beauty. Don’t forget to compare the activities and rates before finalizing it. 

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