How Satellite TV differs from Cable TV: Which one should you choose?

Satellite TV

Installing television in your home is now simple and economical. Installing satellite TV is now easy even in remote areas.

The reason why Satellite TV is opted over cable TV:

    -Satellite TV can be installed even in deserted or undeserved area

     -An Antenna is installed at your roof or exterior area

     -Provides more HD channels and better picture quality.

     -Comes with wide availability and reasonable cost per channel.

Is there any Satellite TV provider near me?

Yes, there are two providers

  1. DIRECTV- you can choose channel according to your need, with profuse options in package. It provides free installation with 2 years contract, and exclusive offers.
  2. DISH- It’s cheaper than the first one, and provides more HD channels. The contract price remains same even in second year, and showed satisfaction with quality of products and services.

What is Satellite TV? Is there any benefit if we install Satellite TV in our house?

          Satellite TV which is wireless, runs by an antenna, network of radio signals, centers of broadcast, and communication satellite.

It is homogenous to cable TV as to cost and channels but better in terms of providing services and installationits beneficial. Satellite TV is wireless use orbit satellite to broadcast radio signals and TV signals. They install antenna out of our house or mostly on roof. It provides us better picture quality and HD (high definition image) and 4K programming.

Benefits of Satellite TV:

  • Can be installed even in Remote areas like rural and hilly areas.
  • Provides better picture quality
  • Their service can be enjoyed anywhere, even in deserted areas.

Which provider delivers better service? DIRECTV or DISH

Both the providers have their own advantages, this you have to choose which one is ideal for you. Similarity in their services are-

          2-year contract

Offers equal sports program

Features of both the providers

 DIRECTV – it offers channels upto 280 with exclusive offers like ticket for weekend. Different plans like Premier, Ultimate, Choice and Entertainment aids you to choose your package according to your budget and package. The quality of channels is HD providing more channels than any provider but the price double in second year.

DISH- the 2 year contract price remains same with bettercustomer satisfaction. It cost lesser than other providers along with little storage.

How is Satellite TV different from Cable TV?

   Satellite TVCable TV

  1. It is wireless (through satellite dish signal) uses wires like cables(coaxial cable lines)
  2. Provides better customer satisfaction customer satisfaction is lower
  3. Can be installed anywhere even in deserted and rural areas can be installed near distributor point only
  4. Both providers has 2 year contract no contract agreement which can be cancelled anytime
  5. Better HIGH DEFINITION (HD) with 4K programming yet to meet the requirements of 4K programming
  1. How to get Internet Bundle with Satellite TV?

Both the providers DIRECTV and DISH doesn’t bid direct internet. Both the providers allows their TV to bundle with other internet provider for better services.

  • Is there any company who would provide us internet bundle?

Yes, DIRECTV parental company AT&T aids to find satellite TV and internet bundle according to your need and budget.

Also DISH which works with Frontier, which provide high speed internet beside their satellite TV package.

  • Will the internet work in rural areas?

Yes, the company frontier can provide DSL internet access even in deserted areas with the help of phone lines. Though not all the areas can access internet.


  • Does satellite TV requires dish?

Yes, both the providers DIRECTV and DISH requires dish for transmitting TV signals. Satellite TV providers also provides equipment like cables, dish and hardware along with free installation and other service.

  • How many channels does Satellite TV providers provide?

DIRECTV provides more channels than DISH. DIRECTV offers above 300 channels.

  • Which provider is cheaper

Both the providers offer good service but from its basic package to premium one DISH is cheaper than DIRECTV

  • Is sports programing available

     Yes, both the providers’ offers sports channel but only DIRECTV has permission to offer ‘the NFL Sunday ticket’.

  • How can I get satellite TV provider near me?

There are two satellite TV providers DIRECTV and DISH which offers their services everywhere. Satellite TV can be installed even in rural and isolated area with the help of antenna where cable TV services can’t reach. Satellite TV offers exclusive benefits like- high picture clarity (HD), cheaper than cables TV providers.

So, what are you waiting for, contact your TV provider which is near you and enjoy the services and channels like sports, news, and entertainment. Having access to more than 200 channels you can choose your package and plan according to your need.