Dedicated Web Hosting- Packages & Advantages Revealed

Dedicated Web Hosting- Packages & Advantages Revealed
Dedicated Web Hosting- Packages & Advantages Revealed

When you do any work with the internet service, you need a server on which you can work and also host other websites from that site. For every organization, there is a need for the site, on which only the work and does not share it with others. That type of site is called a dedicated site and for using it they need a server that is called a dedicated server. A dedicated server is also a type of internet hosting and this is also used for hosting the other servers from a specific server that is not used by another person or company. So, if you also want to have a dedicated server for your organization then you can look for a web server service provider.

Package and services for the Dedicated server

On the internet, lots of web hosting service provider companies are available and provide their services to the companies and organizations to use their service. Among those companies, HostingRaja is the best dedicated website hosting service provider. If you have any doubt then you can compare their services with other company. After that, you can choose which company provides the best services and with whom you want to make a contract of using their web hosting services. There are some of the packages also available and their services are different according to the package. The packages are:

  • Basic server package
  • Value server package
  • Silver server package
  • Gold server package

A dedicated server or website is just used by a single person or company; they do not use it for sharing the data or for any other purpose. With the use of the dedicated server, the speed of working is extended, because you have not to share your data or service with another site and because of this the speed of working your server is increased automatically rather than other servers or websites. So, you can use the dedicated server for your organization and do your work with the flow and without any speeding error. With the dedicated web hosting server, you will get other services such as:

  1. SEO friendly dedicated environment
  2. Website speed guaranteed
  3. Hacking protection inbuilt server security
  4. Free installation and setup

And lots of other services that you will get with the package of the server. 

Advantages of using the dedicated server

There are many advantages of using a dedicated server for your organization. These are:

  1. Server Resources are not shared: You do not need to share your data with another server.
  2. Flexibility: A dedicated server allows the user for the flexibility of the customizing server to the client’s unique needs of the CPU, RAM, disk space, and software.
  3. Unique IP Address: The dedicated server has a unique id and IP address.
  4. No overhead for purchasing or maintaining equipment: There is no need for using other equipment for accessing the other server or work with your server.
  5. Enhanced performance and security: When you don’t share your data with another server, the speed and security of your server are increased. 

To know more details about dedicated website hosting visit here and check customer’s reviews also.