successful entrepreneurship

First of all, lets talk about business. Business is the most important aspect of a humans life, a country’s well being and for peace of mind. Name anything and business and finance WILL play the most important role in it. We all know that business has completely shifted, we have lost our ways due to whatever that has happened in the past year, but one thing that it has shown us is that money is very vital for us. Putting this sentence to pieces, one question strikes our mind, “why is money so important for survival of our generation while people in previous generations put happiness before money?”

The answer to this can be both complicated and simple. It is indeed a sad reality that cannot be truer. People before us didn’t have access to luxuries that we have, they had good family bonds and everything was not that expensive. There are a billion reasons for the answer and one big truth and that is money IS in fact important. Now, to keep that money running, what do we need? Business and financing. Good business will lead to good financing and good finance means good money. SIMPLE.

As simple as it sounds, it is not. To explain this, let us talk about Anthony Davian. Who is he and how is he so big because let us be real, we all have heard his name once in our lifetime. He is a hedge fund manager, an entrepreneur and CEO and founder of and He started back in early 2000s where his first project and investment went down the drain with 100% loss but he did not give up and look where he is now. In 2021, he is one of the most successful entrepreneur, a great businessman and a finance manager.

When you need to keep yourself up float in the business and finance community, there are some things that you need to follow.

Things to Focus on Business

The very first has to be taking advice. We humans are very egoistic in a general term. One might not be but if we talk about majority, humans tend to join their ego with almost every matter. We are always of the idea that we are right and nobody can surpass that and THAT is where we are wrong. The main goal is to collects as many ideas that we can take as many advices that we can so that when it is time for making the decision, we have multiple sets of thoughts in our minds. And as we all know, the more the thoughts are, the more expanded our idea is. For these reasons, taking advices is the first step to master successful entrepreneurship.

Promotion is the main key to a good business and as stated before, good business means good finance and good finance means good money.

The next point is to knowing your skill and manipulating it in the best way possible. Know what you are capable of and have confidence in it. Once you have the confidence then all you have to do is to use your abilities or your skills to their best and gain profit out of it. When you are carrying a business, you already are risking things, trying out new things would make it a more riskier challenge then it already is, so, it is better to stick with what you are capable of doing and then do it to your full potential.

Make connections in the industry. Every successful entrepreneur has links and networks in the industry. The more famous or intelligent people you will know, the more you are guaranteed to have a successful business. Not only in the lane that you are working in, know people outside of your work zone as well. This way when the future will come, you can have partnerships with different sectors of different industries and you can attract different kinds of customers as well. Having connections and networks are always healthy for business.

Do not do too many things at a time. We all know that multitasking is a rare ability for people to ace and we cannot risk our business to that. Focus on one goal at a time. When your 1 goal would have full attention of yours then you would be able to provide your consumers good products and services, gain profit and have a peace of mind as well. If your attention is split into multiple directions then you and your business will definitely be at loss.

For these reasons, Anthony has been successful in every place he has set foot in and WE are proud of him!