Discuss the positive and negative effects of science technology on the environment

technology on the environment

Do you know about the Positive and Negative Effects of Technology on the Environment? How modern technology causes damage to the environment and the way contemporary technology is helpful for the environment. Fossil fuels, factories, The time has shifted now from the past.

In the largest areas of work, advanced technology takes place. I believe we can not find out where tech is not used. Contemporary technology is very valuable for us, it’s a lot of benefits for us, society, and the environment.

Modern technology helps us in making our job easier and successful. But also, modern technology has a lot of negative effects on the environment.

As we are aware that modern technology is used in industrialization development across the world. That can result in a lot of bad effects on the environment and harm the natural ground.

The majority of the unwanted effects of modern technology in the environment come from the misuse of modern technology. Contemporary technology is now developing a kind of technology that may reduce the negative effects of modern technology on the environment.

People need to learn how modern technology impacts their living surroundings. That they could stop their surroundings from the damaging effects of modern engineering, and create an environment suitable for living. This is the basic goal of this report. This individual should understand how our misuse of modern technology affects the environment.

Now, I will discuss both the negative and positive effects of modern technology on society.

First I want to talk about all of the unwanted effects of modern technology on the environment.

Negative Effects of Modern Technology on Environment

All of the negative effects of modern technologies on the environment are provided below:

1. Heat Pollution Cause from the Extensive Use of Tech

As the use of technology increases day by day, the warmth pollution of the environment also increases. Most of the modern technologies used in our society every day produces a lot of heat in the environment and leave the environment feeling warm.

The international temperature of the surroundings is increasing at a high rate in the last 50 years due to the usage of technologies.  There are a lot of cases where the atmosphere is temperature is increased by the use of technology.

The first one is the use of cars technology vehicles is improved day by day, which produces a whole lot of heat in the environment and makes the air warm.

Even for a few miles, people are used to going by motorcycle or car. The next one is, in the majority of the areas, people cut the trees, in which the big factories are created where the big types of machinery are used every day.

Which generates a large amount of heat in the atmosphere. Trees and plants play an extremely important function in maintaining the temperature of the earth.

Additionally, the factories emit harmful gases in the surrounding atmosphere that’s quite harmful to individuals and other living things and also damage the ozone layer of the air.

By which the damaging rays from the sun directly come to the planet’s atmosphere which is very damaging to living things and causes increases in the global temperature. Prevention of Heat Pollution For the prevention of warmth temperature, we have to do the following things.

We have to plant trees just as much as we can. Plants and trees play a very significant function in maintaining the warm temperature of the planet.

Reduce the usage of technology. Largely the disturbance in the atmosphere temperature is brought on by the misusage of technology. Try using modern technologies that cannot create heat pollution in the environment, and prevent heat pollution.

2. Wastage Produce by Technology

Waste produce by technology also causes a disturbance in the surroundings. Most of the technology generates a lot of waste which may be quite harmful to the environment.

The majority of the technology used in the factories produces a large quantity of wastage that is thrown in the water lakes or somewhere which is very harmful to the environment and also for your living things.

The waste of technologies generates harmful gases and smells which are very harmful to living things.

Additionally, it poisons the water which people use in everyday life, causes a lot of harmful diseases.

Prevention from the Wastage Pollution of Technology

From Preventing the waste of technologies we all Must do the following things:

Reduce the use of technology. Throw the squander of technologies in areas where humans not living. Utilize the filtration technology of water for wash water.

Try to use technology that may recycle.

3. Deforestation

Deforestation can also be one of the sources of the disruption of the environment. Folks use technology for cutting trees and plants and cut the trees for using the technologies.

Which causes the gain in the global heating of the earth because trees and plants can consume a lot of heat.

Individuals cut the trees for creating the furniture and other items made of wood and didn’t think about their effects on the surroundings.

Forest produce large amounts of oxygen and consume a great amount of carbon dioxide and produce an environment acceptable for living.

Prevention in the issues Enhances deforestation

For the prevention of deforestation Issues, We Must perform some important work:

Attempt to plants trees just as much as we can, rather than cutting them.

Spread the awareness and importance of planting trees.

Ban on the cutting of trees and plants.

4. Air Pollution Cause by Technology

Air pollution is also brought on by the excessive use of technologies. The majority of the technology produces harmful gases like sulfur dioxide, nitric oxide, methane, and carbon dioxide that are extremely bad for the environment.

These kinds of gases mix with all the other gases present in the air of our surroundings and produce another sort of dangerous and harmful gases. Which causes a whole lot of dangerous diseases in people and other household items.

Most of the technology utilized in the factories discharge harmful gases in the air of our surroundings. The use of automobiles is growing day by day that generates a large amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Which are very bad for the environment and the living things. In addition, it causes global warming. Because of great deal of carbon dioxide released in the air rise the worldwide temperature of the atmosphere.

Prevention in the Air Pollution Cause by Use of technology, In the prevention in the waste of technologies we have to do the following things:

We must decrease the use of technologies, Reduce the use of vehicles, Reduce the use of technology that generates carbon dioxide, Increase planting trees.

5. Water Pollution Cause by Technology

Water pollution can be one of the terrible effects caused by modern technology. It is the lifetime of living things; without water, we can’t survive. For living normal life taking pure water is very essential.

The extensive usage of digital technology pollutes water. The technology used in the factories produces a large amount of waste and blends in the water ocean, reservoirs, rivers, and lakes.

Where the water becomes poisons that are very harmful to people and other household items. Normally, our wastewater also blends into the wash water, our wastewater is water out of our sinks, washrooms, bathrooms, etc.

Which is very harmful to the people and causes many dangerous diseases.

  • Frequent water pollutions Cause Contains
  • Wastewater
  • Industrial waste.
  • Pesticides
  • Domestic waste

Prevention from the Water Pollution Cause by the Use of Technology

From the prevention from the water pollution caused by the usage of technology we have to do the following things:

Spread awareness of the diseases brought on by polluted water. The government must make a law for the factories not to throw their waste into clean water.

Reduce the usage of such technologies that permeate the water.

6. Mobile Tower Ultra Radiations

Mobile phones are the most usable technology today employed by men and women. A cell phone is a tele-communicative technology where people are able to communicate with others around the world easily.

The proportion of mobile users increases daily. Telecommunication businesses attempt to make their services quicker as possible.

For this purpose, they create the mobile signals tower in many areas of the planet to provide mobile services everywhere around the globe. The cellular towers create radio-frequencies radiations from the environment that’s quite harmful to the people and all living things.

They attempt to make their services faster and for this they increase the radiation of radio frequencies, which affect a lot the livings things.

I recall when the 5th generation(5g) technology was introduced to the world. It had been nearly killed all the birds of the city since its frequency was very high.

This is how much tech impacts our environment.

7. Depletion of Natural Resources

Modern technology another bad effect on our environment is that the depletion of natural resources. People use natural resources for the sake of using technologies.

By way of example, they use fuel and CNG gas for utilizing vehicles for transporting from 1 place to another place.

In another instance they use wood and coil for using other sorts of big technological machines in factories.

For this purpose, they had to go and cut the trees and plants out of the regions and dig for the gases and gas.

  • Depletion of Natural Resources Include
  • Aquifer Depletion.
  • Soil Erosion
  • Natural minerals
  • Fossils fuels.

Natural resources play a very important function in the upkeep of the surroundings. The consumption of natural resources improved day by day with advanced technology.

Since the population grow, the usage of technology and natural resources also increases, and as a result the depletion of natural resources also increases.

The positive effects of modern technology on the environment are given below:

1. Wind Turbine Technology

Development in contemporary technology is rising day by day. Scientists try to develop new technologies which could be helpful for our environment. Wind technology is quite helpful we utilize it to create electricity. Rather than utilizing gas , gas, or another sort of natural source for generating electricity.

We can utilize wind turbine technologies and produce electricity with the assistance of the end product. Wind turbine technology did not create any kind of harmful gases to the environment. We could use it safely.

Wind technology is invented to make our environment clean and safe from the dangerous gases generates from the other technologies used for generating electricity.

2. Electricity Produce by Solar Panels

Solar panels are also invented for environment cleaning from the harmful gases produced in another tech.

People used different kinds of generators for producing electricity which also creates different sorts of harmful gases in the environment.

Which are extremely harmful to all of the living things within the environment. Solar panels produce electricity in the heat and light coming from the sun. It absorbs the light and heat energy coming from sunlight and converts it into electrical energy. That we can utilize.

Solar panels didn’t produce any type of harmful gases from the environment, it’s safer in the other technology use for generating electricity.

3. Tides Waves Technology

Tides waves technology is developed to create our environment clean and safe. It is also used for producing power.

It’s employed in the oceans, seas, lakes, and dams to make electricity by the tide’s tides of water. Tides wave turbine technology generates electricity by the pressure of water waves and converts its energy to electric energy.

The benefits of tidal wave technologies are it does not produce any harmful gases it’s pollution-free.

4. Solar Vehicles Technology

Modern technology invents solar automobiles, there are solar panels at the top of the car and rechargeable batteries within the car.

The solar panels on the top of the car convert the solar energy to electric power and charge it at the batteries of the automobile for night use. The batteries inside the cars can also be charged with power.

The intent of inventing solar automobiles is to prevent the environment from vehicle pollutions, it doesn’t produce any kind of dangerous gases from the environment. Solar cars are pollution-free.

5. Technology which Clean the Environment

There are a lot of contemporary technology machines and apparatus that could clean the environment setting. You may see it in different places of the earth, which catch the wind from the environment and filter it out of carbon dioxide and other gases that are harmful. It’s known as DAC direct air capture.

Additionally, other kinds of technological machines and devices are designed for cleaning the water. It catches the water and filters it from bacteria and other harmful organisms. These technological machines and devices aim to monitor the environmental problems cause by the use of technology and reduce the unwanted effects of technology in the environment.


Contemporary technology has a great deal of negative and positive effects on the environment. The major issue is it is dependent on us, that how we utilize the technology.

It’s in our hands, we could save our environment from the undesirable effects of the excessive use of technologies, or we could harm it. It’s our obligation to conserve our environment by the bad effects of the excessive use of technology.

We have to think about the undesirable effects of modern technology on the environment whilst utilizing it.

We have to restrict the usage of technology to protect the environment from the bad or negative effects of technologies. And also do such things, which may save our environment by the bad effects of technology. These are the positive and negative effects of modern technology on the environment,

I hope you have gone through it.

In case you have anything on your mind, feedback, or suggestion, you can ask me in the comment section below.