Best Mobile Keyboard Apps to Enhance Your Typing Kills

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Keyboard applications have become among the most daily essentials for users who adore customization as they got their hands on touch – screen devices and came into the picture with the development of Android and iOS.

In the past few, a lot many keyboard applications have come into existence that provide a special interface and numerous awesome features.

Keyboard applications these days are centred on having the latest user experience. One has to go through a lot of choices available on the internet Play store and the ios app store to choose the right keyboard application, too. We have reviewed a few of the latest keyboard applications to give you a truly unique experience to make things easy for you.


If your confidentiality is of greater importance to you, then Go Keyboard is the perfect fit for you.

The software helps you to construct a cartoon avatar with your pictures and use custom sticker packs when talking. On social media sites like Facebook, iMessage, and other platforms like Twitter, you can also demonstrate your avatar icons to your buddies.

In addition to 800 + avatars, Go Keyboard gives you over 1000 keyboard themes, 100 font types, 1000s of emojis, and GIFs. The software helps you to configure the dialect with the keyboard, since it recognizes many as 60 of them. You will use your photo as the wallpaper for the keyboard. Three separate interfaces are provided by the software, along with the QWERTY and Azerty keyboards.


If you don’t want to create a grammatical error when typing a significant email on your mobile, grammarly keyboard is here to support you.

The keyboard includes a grammar checker along with a spelling checker in high definition that can do miracles when composing a serious post or mail. Extensive punctuation corrections and suitable synonyms are often recommended by the software.

For most Android and iOS applications, grammar is all well, making it one of the most versatile keyboards in the series. For any clarification, the app also offers crisp examples to boost the grammar though too. The dialect can be picked as per the prerequisite; 4 distinct English dialects are present in the app, namely American, Canadian, with a few others.


Sick of the sight of your standard keyboard font design and old-school emoticon? Turn to the latest FancyKey Keyboard. It contains over 3200 quirky emojis that can bring joy to your conversations. The keyboard software has one of the leading auto-suggestive and auto-correct systems with far more about 70 cool fonts.

FancyKey Keyboard arrives with 50 + awesome layouts, and by using various wallpapers, primary soundtracks, texting effects, styles, and key types, you can also create personalised themes in the game.

Besides that, the finest typing interaction can be provided by various typing techniques and the SWIPE keyboard input.


When speaking about the greatest keyboard apps with finest typing experience, we can’t forget to include Google Indic Keyboard. The software provides you with 12 distinct keyboards, like Hindi, Assamese, Gujarati, Punjabi, Odia, Marathi, Tamil, Bengali, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and English, centered on Indian languages.

A unique component of the Google Indic Keyboard is that it has a translation mechanism that allows the input to be provided in English and ultimately the output to be provided is in your native language. This versatility makes it one of the most user-interactive keyboards on the list.


If you are planning to try a keyboard with a comprehensive emoji dictionary, then give a try to the Kika Keyboard.

It delivers a full emoji keyboard where you receive a creative emoji estimation function and each and every category of emoji. You can also try your hands on the latest update GIF and stickers’ keyboard in which you can browse and get a multitude of GIFs depending on the various categories.

With a one-hand version, you can reformat the keyboard or in fact modify the design of the keyboard as you use it on a mobile or computer. In addition to the slider input function, Voice Panel, auto-correction, and term prediction are also components of the Kika keyboard to keep typing more convenient for you.


It could be claimed that Mint Keyboard is among the most user-interactive and engaging keyboards which also incorporates an AI engine to have the strongest projections of words and auto-correct performance. The keyboard also includes a panel of emojis and GIFs where you constantly get access to fresh icons to get more creative in your conversations.

The Mint keyboard arrives with an intelligent response function that saves an answer that is frequently used and enables you to apply it differently. When talking to others, the keyboard even recommends some cool dialogue starters to smash the ice. Each week, the application releases new patterns, which suggests that you can still play with keyboard concepts.


Now that you are perfectly  acquainted with numerous common Mobile keyboard typing apps, I have an unique version of keyboard that might be useful for the Marathi crowd. Particularly, as I got familiar with this Marathi keyboard app that changed the perspective of the typing skills and conversation game profoundly. From fast typing to a wide selection of innovative features, my interaction with the Marathi keyboard has proven to be a great launch.

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