Top Marketing Tips to Boost Your Business During COVID-19

covid-19 marketing

COVID-19 has made a huge impact in the way we conduct day-to-day business. Many industries have had to restructure to ensure work continues. Businesses and organizations in an attempt to cope with the situation by allowing the workforce to work from home. Despite that, many employees lost their jobs as businesses shut down and profits decreased. Only those who embraced innovation survived. By figuring out new ways to market their business, boost sales, and maintain whatever’s left of their company they’re trying to stay afloat.  

In these critical times, companies are struggling to keep their dreams alive regardless of what the ground realities are. This global lockdown has created a chain of challenges for almost every sector out there. Therefore, most businesses are willing to transform their marketing guide completely. Since remote working has become the new normal and the world is embracing the digital shift quite steadily, it’s important to realize that more than half of the marketing resources should be used for online marketing. 

A huge alteration in the marketing model requires brands and marketers to come up with new ways to stay connected with their customers. The question remains, how can a business boost sales during a global lockdown?

Top 10 Marketing Tips From Experts!

Maintaining momentum and focus is essential in critical times, especially for businesses. Since everyone is facing a global pandemic, it’s important to control the narrative of what you can and make informed decisions in these uncertain times.

Let’s look at some marketing tips that marketers swear by. 

Stay Relevant To Your Customer’s Needs

Regardless of what’s going on around the world, and what dangers lurk around the corner, your goals and objectives shouldn’t be adjustable. They should be set for good. When your business is dedicated to targeting new customers, retaining old customers, and catering to all customers, then reassuring those customers about your activities is crucial.

Your target shouldn’t change. It’s important to show how your business or brand is responding to the crisis in a simple, yet positive message. Don’t panic and fall into giving a knee-jerk reaction. Process things and respond positively. 

Stay Digitally Connected.

The internet is a huge web that encapsulates people from all around the world. People are connected through the social media. This helps them stay on top of what’s going on around the globe. Internet usage has increased significantly ever since a pandemic was announced. Chances are, they’re highly accessible to you now more than ever. Use this opportunity to produce engaging content and establish your brand’s online presence. All you need is a fast internet connection and you’re good to go. With CenturyLink internet service you can stay connected with your customers at all times so make sure to give it a try. 

Employee Goodwill Marketing

If you help a person out in their time of need, they’re sure to remember you forever. Marketing is 80% emotional appeal and 20% business appeal. Living in a time where people are losing jobs, risking their health, and going through a lot, it’s important to help people especially when you can.

Make donations under your brand’s name, assist people with the masks or sanitizers distribution, or use a part of your profits to start your healthcare products production line.

Transform Website’s SEO

Maintaining a digital presence with SEO principles is essential for any business’s success. Google along with other search companies, changes their search engine algorithms now and then to maintain quality. As a business trying to survive in current times, it’s important to produce SEO optimized content and employ SEO techniques to boost website ranking. Excellent SEO gives you the upper hand in terms of quality since everyone else is so focused on surviving, they forget the impact of quality content. Quality is key in determining your content’s reach and success.

Keep Up To Date With Marketing Metrics

If you want real progress, tracking your marketing data and progress is key. Take notice of which marketing technique works best for your business in current times, and set marketing metrics that should be covered in a certain time frame. Evaluate the data, review trends, employ techniques, and make changes. Set a marketing goal for every campaign to make it easier.

Transform Your Marketing Game Now!

Now that you know all the expert tips on how to boost your brand’s marketing in a global crisis, go ahead and apply them to your marketing portfolio. You’re sure to see some real progress!