5 Effective Tips to Leverage YouTube for Your Business Marketing

YouTube Marketing

Even a 3-year old knows today what the red play button stands for. Yes! It is that popular! The said iconic button symbolizes the world’s biggest video hosting forum that has emerged as more of a cultural staple. Launched in 2015, the video-hosting forum was initially meant solely for entertainment. But now, you can leverage it for many other purposes.

Talented individuals have used the said forum to showcase their skills and talents. And many of them have turned into celebs and influencers. Some noteworthy mentions are Justin Bieber, PewDiePie, Shawn Mendes, and the list goes on. However, the potential of the said video-hosting forum goes beyond just being a reference spot and go-to source for artists, chefs, comedians, pranksters, and so on.

From the perspective of business marketing, YouTube has a lot to offer. Even Charter Internet Customer Service has a YouTube channel to assist its customers. Let’s know how you can benefit from YouTube for your marketing endeavors.

5 Ways to Make the Most of YouTube for Your Marketing Ventures

  1. Optimize Your Videos.
  2. Promote Your Videos.
  3. Go Viral.
  4. Incorporate Multiple Calls to Action.
  5. Take Inspiration from Your Favorite Channels.

Optimize Your Videos

Don’t expect your marketing efforts on YouTube to pay off until you do them right. Making a channel and uploading videos randomly are not enough. You need to be particular about optimization too. Let’s walk you through some of the basic steps.

  • Make sure you complete the YouTube profile.
  • Your profile should enlighten your audience about your business niche, product line, and so on.
  • Create your channel and add a proper channel description.
  • Put in some effort for the channel art.
  • Design a catchy channel icon.
  • Just like a movie trailer, create one for your channel.
  • Incorporate social media links to your banner.
  • Organize your videos into proper playlists for easy access.

Promote Your Videos

Now that you have optimized your videos, now you need to promote them effectively to catch the attention of the massive audience on YouTube. We have some great ideas:

  • If you have a blog, embed your videos in it.
  • Use emails to send your YouTube link to your contacts and friends.
  • Ask your friends and acquaintances to share your channel with their contacts.
  • Consider writing an article about your videos and post them on various forums and directories.
  • Post your videos to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media networks.
  • Urge people to share your videos.

Go Viral

It’s time to experiment with viral marketing. You have witnessed how a video snippet becomes extremely popular that everyone seems to have watched it. That’s where the term ‘going viral’ came from. Some videos rack up as many as millions of views. Some have even made their way to the TV.

Imagine one of your videos make it to the viral category. This means that you get a marketing boost like never before and people will know your brand. One way to create viral video content is to follow trending trends. However, make sure that you deliver quality and value to your viewers too.

Give your videos an edge and incorporate the following things to get great rankings.

  • They should be enlightening and engaging.
  • They should trigger the viewers to think about and remember your brand.
  • Base your videos in a certain context.
  • Try to induce strong, powerful feelings and emotions. It helps to engage the viewers.
  • Make sure the videos are easy to share and promote.
  • The videos should have practical value. And they should be expertise-driven.
  • Your video content should offer solutions and resolve people’s pain points.

Incorporate Multiple Calls to Action

CTAs or calls to action can do wonders when it comes to sharing and promoting your video content. Therefore, even if you think that you have created a remarkable video piece, don’t forget to add effective CTAs.

Here are some of our favorite CTAs:

  • Follow my YouTube channel.
  • Subscribe to my YouTube channel.
  • Find me on Twitter.
  • Rate this video.
  • Follow me on Facebook.
  • Embed this video on your site.
  • Post your comments.
  • Visit my blog for more fun videos.
  • Share this video with your friends.

Moreover, use the YouTube feature of adding overlay text in your videos to add CTAs. This way, chances are that the viewers will notice them.

Take Inspiration from Your Favorite Channels

You must have your favorite channels and influencers on YouTube. To be inspired by someone’s video content, it doesn’t have to be from the same niche. Take note of various formats, techniques, and styles that your favorite content creators on YouTube use. Try to incorporate the ones that catch your attention.  

Notice what makes you keep coming back to these channels. How are they driving subscriptions, views, and engagement? Notice all these little things because they make all the difference. Also, notice the way they edit their content. You can follow the same strategies.

Remember, if you follow a cool and engaging strategy, you can even find interesting hacks to promote something as dry as Charter Spectrum internet plans. So, start making an effort.