Benefits of using Instagram Widget on Business Website

instagram widget

Spreading thin into the layers of social media is trending and happening. Be it Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, or any other social platform, getting deep into the roots would make the business grow up to heights. 

Social media is the epicentre of Digital marketing strategy giving tremendous vibrations of success. It has diffused into various sections of society yielding growth for brands and businesses.

Instagram, one of the most used social media platforms, is not less than a business booster machine. According to statistics, 1 billion people use Instagram every month. At the same time, 200 million Instagram users visit at least one business profile daily, and surprisingly, 62% of people say that they have become more interested in a brand after seeing it in stories.


Businesses are in the hunt for Instagram likes free to market their product, and Instagram can be a good choice for doing so. Making their products/services look genuine, is all that they want. Instagram has gone beyond its bottom line to expand its limits for businesses to work. Brand followers restyling themselves into brand influencers, endorsing unique brand products.

But have you ever thought about integrating your huge social audience with your professional audience?

I’m sure you would have!

And the best option to do this is by embedding your Instagram widget on your website. And, Taggbox is the perfect aggregator tool to help you out. It offers easy steps with no complicated codes at all. Not only this, it even provides you ample of features to get ‘featured’ in your customer’s mind.

Let’s snatch a glimpse of the benefits of embedding Instagram widget before it’s too late.  

1. Increased momentum of interaction

Showcasing brand story via visual content is the best way to interact with your audience. There exists a smooth connection between your brand and audience when it comes to visual content. The vibrant images stimulate the visitors to scroll down even without blinking.

This captivating feed can be displayed on your website just by embedding the Instagram widget on it. With this, you can make your website as attractive and appealing as your Instagram feed.

Curating the most trending and relevant user-generated content and integrating it all into a single feed, is all that’s required.

The more time they will spend on your website, the more impactful the interaction will be.

2. Unfolds the layers of market

The most elemental benefit of embedding Instagram on a website is market expansion, the factor that businesses fear the most. Be it the MNC or a small startup, a big market is all that is desired.

Since Instagram is an addictive platform, it connects the users from the app to the website. Working digitally has widened the limits beyond geographic boundaries. It lets the users from all over the globe have access to your product and the widget helps in boosting their engagement. It helps to connect more people to the brand and its website influencing potential customers to have faith in you.

3. Inception of amazing visual hub on the website

Images and videos have always been eye-catching and appealing. And with the aggregation of this visual content, you can make your website a pool of creative content with an engaging gallery.

With the essence of fresh and unique content every time you are visiting the website, user engagement increases.

4. Easy discovery of product

The Instagram feed on the website increases your product visibility and makes your content easily discoverable. Instagram Hashtags categorize the content according to the themes, relevance, and significance. These hashtags help the users to access products easily and swiftly.

5. A proof of authenticity

Instagram is a splash of UGC (user-generated content). When a user promotes a brand, people ought to trust the brand more. Curating this UGC and displaying it on websites builds trust and makes your brand look reliable. This adds to the credibility of the brand and further enhances the relationship between the brand and the user. 

When the user itself acts as the brand ambassador, the desire of ‘want’ is induced in the heart of the visitor, ending up with a new customer for the brand.

6. Shoppable UGC gallery

Curating visual content from social media, converting it into a shoppable Gallery, and then integrating it with the website. It helps you increase engagement and conversion rates. Convert the point of attraction to the point of sale.

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There is nothing better than purchasing directly from the feed. This new feature of Instagram allows the user to shop straight away from the post. This attracts the users and converts them into customers.

Wrapping it up…

Social media aggregators offer you a wide range of features that makes your website even more inviting than before. Embedding Instagram widget on your website, opens the door for many new customers, and will give you profitable outcomes.