4 Instant Messaging Apps Similar To WhatsApp With Best Feature

4 Instant Messaging Apps Similar To WhatsApp With Best Feature

The popularity of instant messaging apps is increasing day by day. Because this apps helps us to connect as with the world. Today we are going to discuss the 4 best instant messaging apps that are similar to WhatsApp.

1. JtWhatsApp

Jt WhatsApp Apk is one of the amazing apps that gives us instant messaging feature but apart from that Jt WhatsApp Apk gives us lot’s pf many other features. JtWhatsApp Download is available and you can easily install the app ad use it’s an advance feature. So. let’s know the latest feature of jtwhatsapp.

Features Of JtWhatsApp

1. You can share HD quality videos and images without any compromising in the actual quality. This feature of the app always helps users to share images and videos in actual quality.

2. Send videos of more than 25 Mb instantly like an instant message.

3. It gives you feature to use customise the theme or you can choose a theme from the theme library.

4. If you want to make your chat more provide than it gives you feature to lock the chat by setting pattern password or fingerprint.

5. Download stories in one click and you don’t need to install any other 3rd part application to download the status.

2. WeChat

As we all know WhatsApp is ban in china and Wechat is a leading player in china if we talk about the instant messaging application. Wechat also bans in several countries like India recently ban the app. But if you are from any other country then you can use the app.

Some Latest Feature Of Wechat

1. If you want to make free calls than Wechat is for you because it gives you feature to make free calls and along with this, you can arrange conference calls also.

2. You can easily send your real-time location with the help of this application.

3. If you want to search anything then this app gives you feature to search with the help of its own in-built search engine.

4. This app also helps you to give the short paragram latest trend news and update. This feature of the apps helps you to be up to date.

5. E-wallet of the app is another best feature of the app. It helps to connect the app with your bank account. You can scan Qr code and pay to others or by number also.

3. Telegram

Telegram is another one of the best instant messaging apps that give you lots of amazing features. Some people say that Telegram is the king of instant messages but as we all know the active user of WhatsApp is greater than Telegram. But the features of the app also make it unique and popular so, let’s know the features of the app.

Telegram Feature

1. You can make a call with the help of this application.

2. If your contact joins the app then a new notification appears that helps to chat them and greeting to join the app.

3. If can make a channel or group for more than hundreds of people.

4. Set multiple numbers of a profile picture. You contact can swipe and see all your multiple profiles.

4. Line

This is another instant messaging application that gives you free voice-over calls and much more unique feature just like gtWhatsApp. You can register your account same as the registration process in WhatsApp and Viber. This apps also offer the paid calls for landline and mobile users.

1. The line is available to download for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows PCs.

2. If you want to make your data and chat privately then Line gives you feature to set a password.

3. You can easily recover the deleted messages and export all chat to your email.

4. Chat with your friends globally with the help of the app without any hidden charges.

Final Word

All the app is very helpful for instant messaging but still, we can’t replace the WhatsApp because the number of WhatsApp user is greater than all other apps. And helps to connect us around the world. You can download the apk according to your need and feature. All the application is available to free to use without any hidden charges so, try it now and use the app feature.