What TV Size is Best for Gaming And Office CPU


If you buy a TV now, there is no good reason not to choose a 4K TV. Almost all TV manufacturers do their best for 4K TVs, now you can find them in almost all sizes and prices. A good number of 4K TVs is a great option for the game. Apart from the incredibly clear images that stand out in 4K TVs, many support faster refresh rates, have low-latency gameplay modes, and can deliver stunning images thanks to their HDR modes. Higher price means better and better TV. The jobs, bells and whistles area also apply here. High-end TVs give you more subtle detail, some of which often focus on games. With this selection, we’re here to help you to search for the best gaming TV that meets your needs.

It’s incredibly realistic and vibrant, but you have to think about your budget and the size of TV you want perfectly. While you should of course not spend on a TV that is out of wall or too big for a smaller space, we’ve never heard of anyone complaining about their TV. It is too big. Previously.

Sony and Microsoft have 4K oriented consoles, and the next PS5 and Xbox X series will only handle 4K. Gaming computers are also increasingly able to deliver games at a higher resolution. Even if the device you currently have cannot play 4K easily, the 4K TV will prepare you for the future only and you can enjoy a lot of streaming content right now.

Samsung 55″ Class 8

The Samsung 55-inch 8-inch TV (UN55RU8000FXZA) offers some things that console players can take full advantage of. The first is an affordable Samsung 55-inch 4K TV, so you shouldn’t be surprised how many times the cost of a TV is higher than that of the Xbox One X or PlayStation 4 Pro. Another feature is AMD FreeSync with variable refresh rate.

FreeSync can dramatically improve your viewing experience when playing on TV, but it’s not popular these days with many mid-range 4K TVs. This ensures that the TV refresh rate matches the frame rate of the compatible game console or PC and delivers every picture without tearing. The Series 8 brings this with a refresh rate of 120 Hz, which you can enjoy with advanced devices for super-smooth gaming. It also supports HDR10 + to improve graphics in games and movies.

TCL 55R617

The 55-inch LED from TCL 2018 provides a good performance and price ratio. If you like a good deal, this is for you. It’s under $ 500 regularly; No other TV in this price range offers such a great balance between price and performance. This decent black device, fluctuating overall brightness, and profitable contrast performance keep pace with a number of more expensive competitors from Samsung and Sony.

Considering how TCL is screen at a low price, it’s very impressive that the group offers full local dimming and no low quality images and edge lighting. This system gives the R617 convincing black tones, which feature the wide color gamut of the TV, produced by the manufacturer “Nano Band Phosphor”. The board becomes even more impressive when you consider that the input delay in game mode when playing is very fast at 17.9ms, while recording HDR10 and Dolby Vision is ridiculous for TV. This price range. Are you looking for a new and affordable 4K TV? Then it would be stupid to miss R617. TCL55R617 – Should I Buy It? A word of caution: We don’t recommend TCL kits before 2018, as the company’s boards have come a long way in the past few years. While the 2017 and previous boards are not bad at all, the 2018 series are definitely the best deals on TCL TVs.


When it comes to 43-inch 4K TVs, you are spoiled for choice. While you may lose over $ 500 on a Sony device or struggle to get Samsung Q60R this size, we recommend LG 7300PUA. 4K Panel This is our favorite budget package release, 6200PUA. It is making some major improvements and can still afford less than $ 300 for most of the year. It is an exceptional value for this powerful TV. it is known as What TV size is best for gaming.

It is equipped with an IPS screen, which means the image is still great for anyone looking at one angle. 60Hz refresh rate is not best for movies or games, but still images are available. The screen is exceptionally sharp. LG boards look great in this budget category, and the computing power behind them is good. The 7300PUA is not as slim and smart as an OLED, but it is slim and slender. It has a thinner frame than the previous models. It also comes with Alexa and Google Voice Assistant voice control compatibility, which is not 100% accurate, but it is an interesting addition and complements the somewhat poor user interface of LG. Sound quality is among the best for televisions in this region for less than $ 500. However, we recommend adding headphones or a surround sound system if you are serious about sound. . In general, it’s hard to find anything better for less than $ 300.


While the LG CX series of OLED TVs may be the premium winner in the game category, the BX series is only a small step back with a corresponding price drop. You still get the impressive contrast ratio available on the OLED display, as well as support for a variety of HDR formats, so you can really enjoy a great picture in your games.

The 55-inch LG BX OLED TV still maintains a 120Hz refresh rate and supports FreeSync and G-Sync for its premium siblings, which means it works well with consoles and gaming devices. For a smooth gaming experience. The internal processing of BX may be weaker than that of CX. However, if you are not very accurate about the quality of the updated content, this should work well enough and save you a lot of money. .

Sony Bravia X900F

Incredible contrast ratio, good black uniformity, strong local gameplay and impressive HDR experience on the professional side. Overall, this is a great package for gamers due to its excellent pixel response times. While 8F (like OLED) has response times of approximately 38ms, which is very slow for Rocket League, FIFA, or Call of Duty, the X900F is 24ms at 4K / faster. 60 Hz .

However, Sony has made some very strange decisions about this TV: only two HDMI connections use the full bandwidth and this is not enough. most televisions have at least 4 connections. Although the sound becomes very loud, it lacks clarity and depth. However, Sony didn’t do a perfect job with its 2018 models: the viewing angle is very weak and the colors fade sharply if you don’t play in front of it. However, this applies to televisions around the world. So you don’t have to be together. Do not transfer this impressive set from Sony.