10 Best Fortnite Legendary Skins

Fortnite Legendary Skins

Fortnite’s character designs are some of the most expensive on the market, each costing 2,000 V-Bucks. However, there are multiple in-game options for players to earn these coveted skins for free. Unfortunately, this can also be a bit slow to obtain them unless purchased through the Battle Pass as well.

Legendary skins are like the guardian angels of the Battle Royale universe. The rarity of these skins is part of what makes them so amazing — and so unique! There are two things that make a Legendary skin stand out from the rest — how it looks, and how it synergizes with the player’s strategy.


Raven™ and Ravage® are here to freak out the competition — literally. Just look at their glowing purple eyes! With Raven, you get a fancy Raven Glider and Raven Pickaxe. And Ravage comes with an Iron Cage back bling that almost looks like a spine. Their accessories, glider, pickaxe, trails, and back bling combined make them the perfect pair — ready to freak out more than just you, but the competition too!

Galaxy Scout

The ‘Galaxy Scout’ is just one of the many sets of exclusive Fortnite skins, and it’s making a comeback as an outfit — exclusively for Samsung phone owners. If you own one of the new Galaxy phones, you’re in luck — you can buy this exclusive outfit! It was previously only available during the ‘Galaxy Cup’ tournament, an event that allowed players to win this outfit.

Vi Fortnite Skin

Vi is an archer, fox, and vixen — all rolled into one. She has a calm demeanor and sharp eyes, whether she’s in the forest or the battlefield. Her Fox Bow quiver and her Crooked Claw pickaxe give off just the right amount of fierceness without going overboard. Sure, she’s not as good as her signature weapon, but that’s easily solved by mixing and matching!


After initially being introduced to Dota 2 as part of a Battle Pass, the Alchemist and the Commander were transformed into two new items that players can craft. The Alchemist might start off looking similar to other magic users, but once fully upgraded he comes alive with electrical energy that surrounds him! Once you’ve got the Commander, it’s time to command your enemy. This guy is all about leading his army of bots and showing off his shiny red armor!


When Epic Games teamed up with Samsung on the launch of Fortnite: Battle Royale, they made history. It was one of the best collabs ever — but I wouldn’t be surprised if you hadn’t heard of it before. After all, that’s the problem many people face when looking to promote their brand online: content marketing is a hard game to play.


Torin is a unique character skin with a style all her own. Her special emote allows her to change into the Sideways Warrior, a super-strong warrior who looks like it’s right out of Star Wars. Don’t you want to be her when you grow up? Her sweet weapon back bling also allows you to show off the number of kills you’ve made, and sneak a peek inside your gaming stats for good measure.

Arachne/Spider Knight

New to the Fortnite item Shop is The Spider Knight and the Arachnid! Your opponents will shrink back in horror as they witness these eight-legged baddies descend upon them like a plague. For too long have non-arachnids enjoyed an unearned advantage over their spidery counterparts; with these two skins, all that changes. Stand up for justice against the forces of evil and buy this skin today!

John Wick

John Wick is a fandom outfit that’s available to purchase. It was one of the first Fandom skins added to the store. As the first Fandom item, fans were thrilled to be able to play as their favorite character in-game. This iconic skin is still available for purchase, so don’t miss out!

Mecha Cuddle Master

A popular game called Fortnite recently introduced a new character skin to its online world. For those who aren’t gamers, ‘character skins’ are special outfits worn by characters in the game. The new skin is called Mecha Cuddle Master, and it’s a one-of-a-kind design with a robot suit, Nuzzle Jet, and Psytronic bow. The design was inspired by anime, which is a type of animation from Japan.

Eternal Knight

A new knight skins for Fortnite Battle Royale has joined the scene! The Eternal Knight comes with two different style colors that you can switch between: black, gold, and default silver and black. You can also activate the super level mode on this skin — which changes the armor as your battle pass levels up. The matching pickaxe can also change styles too; into dual daggers or one large blade.