What are the Top 5 Destinations for Doing MBBS in 2020?

MBBS in 2020
MBBS in 2020

“Quality medical education, at a very affordable cost”. That seems to be the mantra MBBS in 2020, and guessing correctly, is here to stay. The whys and wherefores now need to be addressed. It is well-known, and, by now, accepted fact that medical education is costly in India. In the case of pursuing an MBBS degree from abroad, it definitely seems much more lucrative and practical, as most of the medical universities and colleges abroad are funded by the government, and therefore turn out, not only more economical but a lesser financial burden on both the student and the parent, who in most cases, does the funding of the fees.

Some of the Key Reasons for Aspiring for an MBBS Degree from Abroad

The prime advantage of pursuing an MBBS degree from abroad, for any student from India, or elsewhere in the world, is the simplicity of the admission requirements and formalities, and the process itself. All that an enthusiastic and aspiring student, who is pursuing an MBBS degree from abroad, needs to do is, pass the NEET exam (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test), and qualify for the same. The only factor left, is to go abroad and study. And just why not. Every enterprising opportunity is put forward, at the disposal of the student.

Also to be considered, the opportunities in India, for medical exams are very limited, and so are the number of seats. There is also the issue of a high asking for capitation fees, which puts massive pressure on parents financing this program.

Not the last, and definitely, not the least, all these medical universities and medical colleges abroad, are duly recognized, and respected by world medical bodies, like the World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund), and other world medical bodies. India recognizes and respects the MBBS degrees from all these foreign countries.

Topping the list of sure-shot destinations for medical students, seeking an MBBS degree, are the top five countries in every medical aspirant’s list. They are China, Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, and Georgia. Let us, in that case, begin with China.

MBBS Degree from China

Today and in the year 2020, China completely tops the list, in terms of medical aspirants seeking MBBS degrees, from India definitely, and also from the whole world. And all for the following reasons.

  1. The fee structure is so bearable and attractive that every parent, worth his salt, would do anything to see his children pass out of a medical college in China.
  2. Being basically a military-run country, China is one of the safest countries in the world for foreigners of every hue and color, and they are really kept out of harm’s way.
  3. The affiliated hospitals in China, attached to the Medical Universities and Medical Colleges, come equipped with the very best and latest of facilities and equipment, thus giving every medical aspiring student, the very best in terms of practical and hands-on experience.
  4. MBBS in China also gives the option for an Indian student to do a five years MBBS course, and the sixth year, to be done in their home country, India, if they wish or desire so arises. This helps in saving hostel fees that would otherwise burden a student even further.

MBBS Degree from Kazakhstan

This country is the largest and the wealthiest of all the so-called ‘stan’ countries. The main features and plus points of obtaining an MBBS degree from this magnificent country needs to be highlighted.

  1. Safety-wise, Kazakhstan has left no stone unturned to ensure a hundred percent safety to one and all foreigners, be it students, travelers, or otherwise.
  2. The MBBS courses are so well planned and executed, that a student, equipped with a degree from this country lacks nothing in terms of placement in the medical field, just about anywhere in the world.

MBBS Degree from Russia

One can never say enough about the value of an MBBS degree attained from just about any medical university and college such as Crimea Federal University, in this great country. All for just some of the prime reasons.

  1. The fee structure has been so carefully worked out, that it never becomes an issue for any parent, considering an MBBS degree for their children. This is the reason study in Russia MBBS cost is very affordable.
  2. Special facilities in every way, are made available for all foreign students, in general, and Indian students, in particular.
  3. The MBBS degree that a student attains holds high meaning all over the world, in terms of the medical field, and the very best of jobs are within their reach at all times.

MBBS Degree from Belarus

Belarus is actually one of the most sought-after destinations for one and all, seeking an MBBS degree, and a must mention, especially from India. Indians, no doubt, value this education for these fundamental reasons.

  1. Belarus is a country that has focused completely on the education system it imparts to students, both from foreign shores and domestic.
  2. Every inch of the way, the country has near perfected its course structure involving an MBBS degree.
  3. A student passing out of just about any medical university and college is instantly recognized and respected, by the medical fraternity, anywhere in the world.

MBBS Degree from Georgia

This great country takes immense pride in the fact that its populace is 98% literate. That really is saying a lot. However, in terms of an MBBS degree from this vast country, one needs to attune oneself to the following.

  1. The MBBS degree obtained from this great country, Georgia, is not only valid and accepted, but also respected by every developed and developing country in the world.
  2. The fee structure is actually, more than acceptable and bearable, and of course, affordable.
  3. The general atmosphere in all medical colleges and campuses, is very conducive to wholesome personal growth, as it is completely cosmopolitan, what with students from all parts of the globe assembling here.

In short, and to say the least, after careful analysis and thorough study, the conclusion, once again, is that definitely, in the year 2020, these are the prime five destinations for any MBBS aspirants from around the world, and of course, from our very own India.