UK’s new points-based visa system opens; India’s skilled workers, Students, to be treated on par with EU citizens

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UK’s new point-based immigration and visa system has aimed to attract extraordinary ones from across the world. It is not only simple but also flexible and an effective strategy. They will treat both the non-EU such as the Indians and EU citizens, equally.

The new point-based system has come into force from 1 January, at the end of the transition period of Brexit. It is going to end the free movement of people in the economic bloc. Hence, there is a need to sponsor a license.

The talent route global is a faster visa tracking system. It can attract the world’s famous researchers, mathematicians, and scientists. In November 2020, the government gave a list of the approved bodies endorsed for science, medicine, humanities, and engineering. 

What is a point-based system?

  • A point-based system is a free movement between the UK and EU that ends on 31 December. From 1 January, the new or advanced UK points-based system for immigration has allowed the UK to attract the best and bright talents from across the world.
  • People who want to come to the UK for work purposes from 1 January 2021 will get an award for their job opportunities. They must have the required skills and must meet the appropriate threshold for their salary. The visas get awarded to only skilled workers.

How does a point-based system work for skilled workers?

The new system has been a great advantage to India’s workers. The skilled worker visa is in terms of par with EU citizens. There is no threshold or any limit on the number of people who can qualify under this system.

The system allows those workers whose salary is under the threshold rate according to their occupation. However, if they have advanced qualifications in their respective fields or want to work in a firm with a shortage of workers, they will also get qualified.

Workers or the principal applicant must have enough money to pay the application fees, their healthcare surcharge, and the ability to support themselves.

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The skilled worker’s visa usually lasts for five years, and it can get extended later. The worker’s visa has several routes where the applications are available, like the Talent Global Visa. These are for the people who want to expose their exceptional talents or skills in engineering, medicine, arts or digital technology, culture, and science.

What are the requirements to fill the application process?

  • You must be having a job that a sponsor approves.
  • It would be best if you spoke in English.
  • You must have a job that requires sufficient skills.

Additional Criteria:

In addition to the above requirements discussed, there are some additional criteria as well. The applicant must earn enough points with the following three criteria that are essential:

  • Your actual salary must be comparable with the company’s rate at which you are willing to work.
  • Your education levels.
  • Whether there are any shortages of employers in that field.

Also, the applicant must score points of at least 70 or more to qualify for the entry.

The applicants with the skilled visa must have a job by the appropriate sponsor for the required skill level. For that, English is a must. These requirements are mandatory to make points up to 50, and they can have more than 20 points with the help of their characteristics essential for a visa. These are usually tradeable.


The new system will encourage the home office to focus on their training and invest in the new workforce. It will improve more significant opportunities and increase workers’ productivity, especially those who got impacted due to the pandemic.

Students groups and Indian industries have welcomed the new system earlier this year. If you are also looking for ways to grab this advantage, you can search for the best immigration solicitors to guide you.