Open-Ended Sales Questions Representatives Should Ask Prospects

Open-Ended Sales Questions

If you are a sales agent and you ask a group of prospects if they need a certain product or service, around ninety percent of them will respond with a no. The reason is not that they actually do not need the product or service but either they are not aware of their need, or they do not want to experiment. Selling is not easy. You have to show your prospects that they need your product.

On the other hand, if you keep talking and insisting them to give your product, service a try, you will surely repel them. People do not fall into the trap of words. They need personalized solutions that offer them advanced benefits. You can only offer these to your prospects after listening to them. However, they will not end up sharing all their problems as they do with their childhood best friend, but you will have to ask open-ended questions to know them and provide personalized solutions.

Keep scrolling down this article to explore the open-ended sales questions representatives should ask the prospects to offer personalized deals.

Top 7 Types of Open-Ended Sales Questions Agents Should Consider

Prospects are often unaware of their needs or if there is some product or service to take care of their needs. Open-ended questions help them review their needs and how some product or service can help them. In the end, they become hopeful of experiencing the service. However, it is only possible when the sales agents ask the right questions.

Here are some of the major types of open-ended sales questions agents should consider asking the prospects to win over them.

Sales-Qualifying Questions

Sales qualifying questions are the ones that help you assess if the prospects meet your target persona or not. If yes, you can continue, and if not, you can stop wasting your time and look for ideal prospects. These are some ideal questions that can help you identify the right prospects.

  • Ask about business.
  • Ask about a routine workday.
  • Ask about how a product can help their business.
  • Ask about how they plan on using the product.

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Pain-Point Questions

Pain point questions are the ones that help the agents get an overview of the dire situation of the prospects. Such questions also help the prospects develop a fair idea about why they should consider trying the product or service. You can ask the following questions to address the pain points of prospects:

  • Ask about current challenges
  • Ask about their hopes.
  • Ask about the previously explored options.
  • Ask about hurdles in the solution.

Motivation Questions

The motivation questions are among the most important types of open-ended questions sales agents should ask the prospects. The motivation questions help the agents and prospects know about the future goal and how a certain product or service can help them in this regard. You can ask the following questions to help the prospects review their motivations:

  • Ask about current goals.
  • Ask about current priorities.
  • Ask about the impact on business in case of failure.
  • Ask about their definition of success

Sales Objections

Asking about sales objections is more than necessary to ensure that the agent and prospects are on the same page. You can bring up the following questions to address the sales objections smoothly:

  • Ask if anything seems concerning.
  • Ask about the least comfortable areas.
  • Ask for rating
  • Ask for the reasoning of the rating.

Decision-Making Process Questions

Decision-making process questions are significantly important to ensure sealing the deal smoothly. You can bring the following question to get insight into the process:

  • Ask about people involved in decision making.
  • Ask about the decision-making process
  • Ask about the annual budget.
  • Ask about how they plan to get approval from decision-makers.

Feedback Questions

If you have shared testimonials with prospects, you must ask for feedback to get an idea about their experience. You can try asking these questions to know better:

  • Ask about how they came to know about you.
  • Ask about what prompted them to contact you.
  • Ask about their expectations
  • Ask if they want to know anything.

Follow-Up Questions

Once you have won over the prospect, you cannot become too relaxed but have to ensure proper follow-up. You can bring up these follow up questions to ensure that the prospects sign the deal:

  • Ask about their experience
  • Ask about the challenges they might have faced.
  • Ask about another meeting time.
  • Ask about the process of moving ahead.

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Make Sure Your Agents Follow These Open-Ended Sales Questions!

If your agents follow these questions, they can win over the prospects. However, if they fail again, you should outsource the service for your survival. Contact the professionals to get trained sales agents on board and see your sales graph increasing with every passing day.