Top Sports Apps You Might Need

Top Sports Apps You Might Need

There are a few different types of sports applications that you can have on both Android and iOS. One of them is related to news, and the other can help you with your sports journey no matter which one you are playing. Even apps that are used for sports betting can be included, especially nowadays when the 2022 FIFA World Cup teams are going to clash in November.

If you are training in a certain sport, there’s a good chance you would want to follow what’s going on in the world, which is why many news apps are on top of the list. We tend to use our phones more than our PCs or newspapers, so creating an app seems like a good idea in every aspect of the sport.

ESPN Score Center

ESPN is the number 1 sports organization when it comes to news and coverage in the world. They have a lot of channels that you can watch on TV and follow live games, but they also have a few different apps you can use for many purposes. One of the best is the Score Center, where you can watch games live on your phone or just follow the results.

For some people, the design might feel a bit overwhelming because it isn’t very simplified, and there are many other apps where you can just click on the name, and it will open the game. On the other hand, the Score Center has a lot of info that you might not need if you are just there to watch a certain game.

Runkeeper App

If you are not about the news and you want to get your body in great shape, runkeeper stands out from many similar applications. Being on the market for over a decade, they invested a lot of time in figuring out what suits the users the most, which resulted in a great user interface and experience.

They have over 30 million satisfied users, and it’s basically a running app that records your results and shows you the map where you traveled. It’s very simple to use, which is the main reason why people love it compared to other running apps that may have additional features that are not needed.

NBA Game Time

Basketball fans probably have the best mobile app to track their favorite games, which doesn’t only include live streaming but also statistics about every single game. The NBA is the most popular basketball league in the world, and there are a lot of games every single day during the season. The overall design looks amazing, where they pinpoint things like where the players are shooting from, how many balls went in, where the fouls are being made, etc.


For those who like football, you are probably overwhelmed by the news on sports channels because it’s the most popular sport and everyone is talking about it, but having fun sometimes is also a good thing. FIFA has been here for a while, and creating a smartphone game was a smart move.

They have over 100 million downloads and a lot of daily users working on creating the best team. You will have an advantage if you are willing to spend money on it because you can get better players, but you can also get there as a free to play player.


The competition for scoring apps is huge on both platforms, but flashscore offers a number of sports like any other. You can follow around 30 sports, including the major ones like football, basketball, cricket, soccer, etc. When you are waiting for any game, you can check it to get a notification when it will begin.

There are also a lot of statistics involved in every game, so you can use them when betting. Having the right information can help you make the right decisions and possibly make a profit.