Tips to Gamble with Bitcoin


Beginners who have no experience in online crypto gambling and do not know all the nuances and pitfalls of Bitcoin casinos or bookmakers can help experienced loss takers and consulting services. They provide professional forecasts on sports matches and can recommend a passable bet. Let’s consider the essential key points and crypto gambling advantages.

The advantages of a cryptocurrency account in a bookmaker’s office are anonymity, which is provided by blockchain technology. Transactions in digital currency do not allow the identification of a person. 

It is not necessary to report the earnings on sports forecasts, because it is impossible to trace such transactions. In addition to privacy, transactions in cryptocurrency have the following advantages:

  • High security. When making a bet, the terms of the transaction are set in advance, depending on the outcome of the event. No one can interfere in the execution of the transaction.
  • Speed of transactions. Blockchain technology processes payment requests instantly. Money comes to the account instantly.
  • Low commissions. When depositing and withdrawing cryptocurrency, you can be sure that bookmakers or payment systems won’t wrap you in their commission costs.
  • Exchange rate volatility. While a player is betting at a bookmaker’s office or betting exchange, cryptocurrency can go up in value.

Tips For Beginners

Many gamblers are in the search for quality service they need to estimate each option according to many factors. Before you sign up for online gambling in an online casino, it’s worth comparing them on the following factors:

  • Learn all about bitcoin

Study what you are investing in. It’s easy to get euphoric believing that the price of bitcoin could reach a million dollars a coin or, conversely, drop to a thousand. Analyze predictions and what they are based on. Read more, and monitor the market until you feel you are beginning to feel it. Then trading BTC will bring what you expect.

  • Don’t invest more than you are willing to lose

Don’t invest more than you can afford to lose. Betting that you will never have to work again if you invest all your savings in bitcoin is like playing the lottery.

At this point, bitcoin is both king and queen. But it might not always be like that, and BTC might be displaced by another altcoin in time

  • Take into consideration the security level of your BTC wallet: Medium, better for first-time users

Another option is to store bitcoins on an exchange that will manage the private keys for you. You need to trust the exchange or BTC wallet because now you have no control over the private keys, but it becomes much easier to use bitcoin in that case.

  • Buy BTC from the reliable platforms

There are a lot of trustworthy platforms where you can buy bitcoin in the same way as you interact with traditional payment services. Just link your debit card, bank account or payment account and in a few minutes, you will already have bitcoins in your account.

Advantages of BTC Games:

  1. You play the most common cryptocurrency: easy to buy, exchange and store;
  2. Transfer money without problems – no more lost transactions due to banks’ fault;
  3. You have access to thousands of games, including slots and live dealer games, just like traditional currency.

It is necessary to consider the presented factors in the aggregate. And in general, it’s better to register at the best sites and try to make bets, because you will get payouts from them anyway. Without personal experience, it makes no sense to conclude.

More and more casinos are starting to use cryptocurrency, and players are switching to it. This trend has quite reasonable grounds. 

How to Choose Bitcoin Games?

Earning Bitcoins in game form is an interesting earner that keeps the player occupied and provides income. To take advantage of the chance, you will need a wallet to transfer Bitcoin earnings in games.

There is no single recipe on how to choose the best Bitcoin games. To increase the income, you can focus on the following criteria: 

  • The time of existence. The criterion for the quality of the application is the running time. The longer the game is available to users, the more interesting the gameplay and the more deserving of attention. 
  • Reviews. Information can be easily obtained from the comments of users who have tested the capabilities of the program. As a result, people leave comments about the features, the availability of Bitcoins, the convenience of withdrawal and so on.
  • Description. Some information about the project is easy to get from the reviews, which stipulate the player’s tasks, the features of the interface, and the requirements for the accrual of rewards. 
  • Verification. To check the honesty of the developers, the quality of the game and the possibility of earning Bitcoins you need to register and take some time. Upon receiving the pleasure and accrual of satoshi to the account is worth continuing.

Gambling is an easy source of income. Some players think that earning from betting is very easy, all they have to do is guess the right option. This is not the case. A minority stay in winning, a few constantly win, and most lose a lot of money. Considering that the game of betting is a gamble, it loses more than once. If you plan to make money from betting permanently, it is worth taking it seriously and thoroughly.