The Best Vastu Tips for Your Kitchen

The Best Vastu Tips for Your Kitchen

A house without a kitchen is not a home at all. The kitchen is a critical part of our home. Therefore, you must consult with a Vastu expert and pay attention to the Vastu guidelines so that your kitchen is Vastu-compliant. Looking for some Vastu tips? Read this article right away.

One cannot imagine a perfect home without a kitchen. The kitchen is the hub of activity as family members cook and bond with each other in this space. The kitchen also offers us the source of our day-long energy as the food that sustains and nourishes us is prepared here. Thus, consulting the Vastu experts to get the most suitable Vastu tips for your kitchen becomes vital for you and your family.

Why Turn to Vastu Shastra for Your Home’s Kitchen?

The kitchen is the fundamental part of your home. As per Vastu Shastra, the kitchen also represents the fire element. The food is prepared with the help of the fire. Fire, on the one hand, can give us nourishment; however, on the other hand, it can also cause destruction when not in control. The right Vastu balance in the kitchen can offer you the benefits of fire. Most people in India take the help of Vastu to design their kitchen so that it adds balance to the space. Every object or appliance in the kitchen is crucial; hence, they should be placed as per the Vastu principles so that positivity and good vibes prevail.

When it comes to your kitchen, adhering to the guidelines of Vastu can enhance the aura of the kitchen and enhance the positive energies. If the kitchen is Vastu-compliant, it can channel the positive energy into the inhabitants of the house, eliminating the negative energy. Additionally, it also ensures that harmony, good health, and prosperity are always a part of your life. A non-Vastu-compliant kitchen can bring negative energy into your life, causing family conflicts and financial burdens. From the location of your kitchen to every appliance and object placed in the kitchen has immense significance, according to the best Vastu experts. Thus everything should be in accordance with Vastu guidelines.

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Vastu Tips for Your Kitchen

Below are some of the most basic yet significant home Vastu guidelines for the kitchen. Following these Vastu tips can make your kitchen Vastu-compliant. 

  • Tip 1- According to the Vastu Consultants, always pick the Southeast corner of your home for the kitchen. As per Vastu, Agni- the Lord of fire and the fire element rules over the Southeast direction, making this the ideal direction for your kitchen. If this direction isn’t available, the Northwest direction is a good pick for your kitchen. However, ensure that the kitchen is never constructed in the Northeast, North, or Southwest directions of your house, as it can have a massive impact on your life. These directions can cause family disputes and destroy your relationship with your family members.
  • Tip 2- The water sources such as the water sinks, wash basins, water taps, water filters, etc., and the cooking range, cooking gas, or stove should never be kept on the same platform or parallel to each other. The best place for water sinks, wash basins, etc., is the Northeast direction, and there should be a distance between the cooking range and the water sources as fire and water are opposing elements and can create fights amongst loved ones. Therefore, a proper balance between the fire and water elements is needed.  
  • Tip 3- The best Vastu experts believe each color has a specific purpose; hence, colors should always be chosen carefully and wisely. As per Vastu consultants, using black in the kitchen is inauspicious as this color attracts negativity and can disrupt the harmonious environment of your home. You should opt for vibrant hues like yellow, rose, orange, green, red, etc., as they are the best picks for kitchen walls. Warm colors like yellow, orange and red can stimulate your appetite. These colors are favorable, as per Vastu, and can also make the space look trendy.
  • Tip 4- According to the Vastu experts, always make sure that the kitchen is not above or under a bathroom or toilet, as this is considered a Vastu defect. This is because the negative energy of the toilet can reach the kitchen and affect its positivity. You must also ensure that no bathrooms or toilets are adjoining your kitchen. Additionally, the kitchen and toilet should not share a common wall as it’s a Vastu defect. This can negatively affect the health of the people living in the house.
  • Tip 5- When cooking in the kitchen, always ensure you are facing the East direction. This is considered to bring prosperity and positive energy to your life. 
  • Tip 6- Place the kitchen objects representing fire, like gas stoves, microwave ovens, cylinders, etc., in the Southeast part of the kitchen.  

These were only a few Vastu tips for your kitchen. If you want to find out which Vastu tips are perfect for the defects in your kitchen, consulting with a professional Vastu Consultant online can help you immensely. A Vastu expert can suggest ways to rectify the faults in your kitchen and make it Vastu-compliant. A Vastu-compliant kitchen can bring luck, abundance, and contentment to the home’s inhabitants.

So, immediately consult with the Best Vastu Consultant and get the most effective Vastu tips.