Things Included in a Moffett Forklift Pre-Purchase Checklist

Moffett Forklift

Companies that buy heavy equipment have to spend a lot of money because machines, especially the Moffett forklift, are expensive. So, business owners have to follow a checklist before purchasing that will help them buy the right equipment and are not spending too much money.

What do Moffett Forklift Documents Buyers Receive?

The first thing buyers have to add to their checklist is the documents they will receive with the forklift. Knowing about these documents is important because they keep the buyers informed about the operating system of the forklift, the time and date of service, maintenance, and repairs, the gaps of intervals, and the warranty of the forklifts.

Operational Manual

Each forklift has a different operating system that the operators have to explain in detail. If the operators cannot operate a forklift, then accidents might happen. Also, the operation manual has general info about the forklift that will be discussed in further points.

Manual for Service

The service manual includes the record for checking the functions and safety of the forklifts, washing them, and changing different fluids in the forklifts. The date of service is mentioned in the service manual.

Record of Maintenance and Repair History

The record of maintenance and repairs is important because it is a way to know how much money is spent and the amount that buyers have to arrange for after they have purchased the forklift.

Warranty for the Forklift

The warranty card is the most important document that buyers should have because it indicates when the forklift attached with used flatbed trucks for sale was purchased. Also, how many years of warranty the forklift is remaining.

Checking the Physical Appearance of Forklift

The second thing that buyers have to add to their checklist is checking the physical condition of the forklift. The buyers can negotiate the price of the forklift according to its physical appearance.

Cracks in Rusty Areas

When the forklifts are being operated in the rain and after a snowfall, the structure, especially the undercarriage, is likely to be damaged. Water is the main reason why the forklift body becomes rusty. Cracks in the rusted areas are dangerous as they can break the forklift down. 

Condition of the Tires

Tires are also an important part of the forklift because they enable it to travel far distances. If the condition of the tires is not good, it will cause the forklift to tip over. The tires’ tread should be visible, and the air pressure should be according to the recommended amount to ensure that the forklift will operate perfectly.

All Safety Features

When businesses buy forklifts from companies like Truck Forklift, it is important to check the safety features, including seatbelts, horns, warning lights, rear and side mirrors. The forklift should also have handles for the operators to climb up and down into the cabin.

What Operational Functions to Inspect?

Internal Combustion Engines

The forklifts having internal combustion engines are the oldest models used. In many industries and warehouses, these forklifts are still used. The engines of these forklifts have to be checked; so that the operations are uninterrupted.

Batteries for Electric Forklifts

Batteries are the most important part of an electric forklift because they are the power source. Buyers should make sure that the batteries are charged quickly; if this doesn’t happen, then the lifespan of the batteries is coming to an end.

Are Brakes Working Properly?

The brakes have to be in proper working order because the forklift needs to stop in an emergency. If the brakes are not working, the forklift might crash into oncoming things and people.

Parts of the Lifting Mechanism

The whole forklift lifting mechanism consists of different parts, including mast, lift cylinders, load backrest, tilt cylinder, carriage, and forks. It is vital to check these parts before making the final decision.

Reviewing Piggyback Forklift for Sale Data Plate

When buying a Moffett forklift, you will notice a plate on either side of the body. On this plate, information about the forklift is mentioned. This info includes model and serial number, the overall weight of the forklift, date of manufacture, and the capacity to lift.

These are the few important things that buyers should focus on when buying forklifts.

The following questions are there for buyers to clarify the concept of what to inspect in a forklift.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some things you should look for when inspecting?

The vital things that buyers should inspect in a Moffett forklift are visible damages like crakes, the tires’ appearance, safety features, overall engines, batteries, working of the brakes, and the lifting mechanism.

What is meant by inspection checklist?

An inspection checklist is a detailed account of the parts and things that are mentioned in the above points that have to be inspected. 

What are the five main points of the visual inspection key off?

The visual inspection includes checking the general appearance of the forklift, the condition of the surfaces, placing objects around the forklifts, is working mechanism of the forklift is proper, and there is no apparent distraction.