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The expansion of the steel industry is on the rise ever since India became the second-largest producer of steel. So far in 2021, India produced 102.49 MT and 94.66 MT of crude and finished steel respectively. Further, the production of crude steel is expected to go 112-114 MT in 2022, which is an 8-9% increase for India. This shows that India certainly has a high steel supply both domestically and internationally. Thus, more and more companies are establishing their foot in the steel industry.

Being one of the biggest industries to use steel, the Construction Sector is reaping the benefits. The SMEs that were finding themselves in a slump also benefited from some of the government policies like the new procurement policies for 49 steel products. Moreover, there is an ease in the availability of raw materials for steel online because of e-procurement services provided on B2B business portals like OfBusiness.

There are definitely many options for businesses to procure steel online. But the prices of various steel products fluctuate every now and then because of the huge number of raw material providers. Thus, it becomes difficult for companies to keep track of all the supplier rates and practices. That’s where OfBusiness comes in. OfBusiness is an online procurement platform that helps businesses to procure raw materials quickly and efficiently.

But you might be wondering, why should you choose OfBusiness?

Why OfBusiness Is The Best Supplier Of Steel Raw Materials For Construction?

1.    Best Price: Steel Prices are known to be irregular due to various factors like demand, supply, availability of raw materials, etc. It leads to constant changes in prices of steel materials from various companies used for construction. It can be hard for construction companies to keep track of all the steel suppliers in the market. OfBusiness solves that problem in an instant. It offers you a wide range of steel prices available in the market. So that you can get the best prices for your e-procurement.

2.    Wide Range: During Construction, there are requirements for various types of steel materials based on the type of work being done. And, the benefit of choosing OfBusiness is variety. We offer a variety of steel raw materials for construction as well as for other purposes. From steel plates, sheets to TMT bars and steel pipes, we have it all. OfBusiness is a one-stop-shop for the e-procurement of raw materials.

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3.    Best Quality: When it comes to procuring steel for construction purposes, quality matters the most. We work with leading steel manufacturers like Tata Steel, JSW, Jindal Steel, RINL, Rathi Steel, and many more. Thus, OfBusiness ensures to offer the best-in-class quality for steel products based on your requirements.

4.    Wide Reach: One of the major problems for construction companies is the transportation of raw materials. At times, the location of supplier and buyer can be big. However, with OfBusiness, you do not have to worry about it. We offer our services all over India. Being the hub for raw materials, we are in contact with steel manufacturers across the country to ensure quick and efficient services, as expected from e-procurement.

5.    Efficiency: Traditional Procurement methods are slow and time-consuming, which leads to higher expenses. Most E-procurement services are relatively faster but fail to provide the best services to the clients. But with Pan-India reach and a large number of suppliers, OfBusiness provides faster and efficient steel procurement services to its clients. OfBusiness also offers quick and detailed quotations for your procurement.

Steel is a crucial raw material for construction industries. That’s why Construction businesses should always get the exact materials they need with the best quality and at the best prices. Not only that, it is beneficial for any company to procure raw material in a faster and efficient way. OfBusiness has it all.

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