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During the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, e-tendering in India came to a sudden halt. However, since the vaccine started rolling out, the number of Indian tenders has started increasing as well. So, in case you are looking for a place to find the best options in this regard, BidAssist would be your go-to option. It has a wide array of active e-tenders while adding around 15,000 government tenders regularly. So, you can find different alternatives here almost on a daily basis. To make things easier for you, the website has also implemented different categories here. So, we’ll learn a bit more about them here. 

  1. All Active Governemnt Tenders

As the name implies, the “all” segment houses each and every Indian tender currently available on BidAssist. You can find both non-government and government tenders here. Currently, there are over 28,000 active options available under this category. The number keeps increasing daily, so be sure to visit everyday. 

  1. By Preferences 

This section usually works as the “all” segment unless you customize it in your own way. To do so, you will need to caricature with the available filters on the page and choose the preferable ones. Now, click on “save filter” and you are all set. Next time, when you click on “by preferences” again, you will only find relevant results to your previous save. 

  1. By Keywords 

If you want to work in a specific segment, then using the “by keywords” section should be ideal for you. For example, if you prefer offering your expertise on event-based Indian tenders, be sure to click on “event management” keyword here. There are other options available here as well. So, feel free to explore. 

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  1. By Authorities 

As you already know, most of the Indian tenders are usually released by a certain authority. For example, the Public Work Department generally launches contracts concerning road construction, building repairing, etc. So, in case you want to work under a specific authority, which suits your expertise, be sure to use this segment. 

  1. By Categories 

This section is all about offering one’s labor in different daily life segments, such as maintenance, agriculture, advertisement, air conditioner services, etc. However, the available Indian tenders under this section might be a bit different than usual. For instance, under agriculture, you can find tenders provided by the Forest Department as well. 

  1. By States and By Cities 

These two segments are quite similar to each other, so we will wrap them up in a single section. So, as you can understand from the name, “by states” helps you to find contracts from a specific state while “by cities” offers insights on city-based projects. However, in the latter, you will mostly find tenders related to larger cities, such as Ajmer or Ahmedabad. 

  1. GeM Tender 

This is a brand new segment, which houses various contracts regarding Government e-Marketplace. So, if you want to work in only this segment, then be sure to search through the said category. 

Conclusion Unlike almost any other similar platform, the available categories on BidAssist can help you find different options within a few seconds. So, be sure to make the most out of it and discover the best Indian tenders as soon as possible.