The Best PDF Editor for Mac and iOS- UPDF Released and it’s Free!


Post pandemic, the working style of most people has changed. Remote working is the new trend that almost all companies have adopted. Almost every department has switched to the online working mode. This has led to the growth of online file compilations, exchanges, and editing. The most common form of file exchange is PDF. The simple reason behind it is that it is considered a safe option. However, you may need to make changes in the file at some point, which is where a PDF lags. You cannot make changes to it.

However, UPDF by Superace Software Technologies resolves this issue. It helps you edit your PDF files in their original format without bearing the hassle of any conversion. So if you are amongst those searching for a reliable and efficient PDF editing method, UPDF is your ultimate PDF editor solution.

Introduction of UPDF Editor

The free PDF editor macis an amazing software for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS users that they can use to edit PDF files. It is the right program to format, edit, and annotate your PDF files in a trouble-free manner. It offers precise editing and ultimate safety of your document to ensure your information is secure.

With just a few clicks, you can edit your document in your desired manner. It helps you get the best results without needing to convert the file. While PDF converters and editors are quite expensive, UPDF Editor is available for free! Yes, the editor doesn’t charge you a single penny for the invaluable service that it yields.

Features of UPDF Editor

UPDF for Mac itself as a whole is so unique that users can easily rely on it. Moreover, it has some amazing features that make it a must-have for office goers. In just a few clicks, you can re-format or edit your document in the manner you want. The features that make UPDF unique are mentioned below:

The topmost amongst is its formatting consistency. While other apps may not offer you good formatting functions, UPDF helps you format, align, rearrange and organize PDF files in their original form. There is no chance of manual errors or problems.

Another amazing feature that makes UPDF editing and organizing amazing is its batch processing. It helps you organize, manage and edit multiple PDF files simultaneously, saving your time and effort. Its powerful arranging and managing feature can handle anything you throw at it.

The third amazing feature is the security of your PDF files. UPDF ensures that your documents are secured with encryption to enhance your data security and privacy. No data is ever shared with any third-party apps without your knowledge.

Three simple steps for editing:

  • Add files to the UPDF Editor
  • Choose the editing function you want to go for
  • Start editing

The process of adding files is simple. You have to click on Add Files option, or you can choose to drag and drop. As soon as the file is uploaded to the dashboard, you can make the necessary changes to your PDF document and then save the changes in the same file. It works as a perfect Adobe Acrobat alternative and helps you manage all your editing needs without any hassle.


UPDF allows you carefree editing. Whether your device supports Windows, Android, or iOS, you can use the editor easily. It offers a simple, intuitive, and amazing user experience and makes your editing simple and easily manageable.

Right from the text to the images, you can edit everything. You can even add and delete pages, portions, and paragraphs if you want. You can also add text anywhere in the PDF file as your feedback. UPDF is a must-have because it is a simple-to-use app with high accuracy without losing your PDF format.

Change your pages’ layout, orientation, and alignment as per your requirement. Give your page a completely new look by using the highlighting PDF files or modifying the document.

The overall interface of the program is extremely user-friendly. The steps involved in the editing are simple and easy to use. Even if you are an amateur, you can easily use it to edit, annotate and manage your PDF files.


The free PDF editor is a great solution for many people who are working from home. They don’t need a converter to edit their PDF files, and they can easily edit and share PDF files in real-time with their boss or colleagues.

So, stop wasting your time looking for converters or costly editors. Use UPDF by Superace Software Technologies  for free and meet your editing requirements in a single place in one go. It is just a matter of a few clicks. Hurry and grab this useful tool now and turn your hectic PDF file handling into a smooth task.