4 unique features to look for in a mobile bank app


Mobile banking has become the most popular way people, especially millennials and Generation Zs, use to access their bank accounts. Most banks are putting much effort into designing their digital banking apps for a better user experience. The latest survey conducted by Google showed that 22 percent of people in India are using only digital bank accounts. The number is increasing steadily due to the easy accessibility and convenience of banking apps and offers.

The IDFC FIRST Bank mobile banking app meets its customers’ expectations by offering the best features necessary for easy banking activities. Some best features offered are:

  1. Open a digital bank account

The online banking app from IDFC FIRST Bank offers its users the ease of opening an instant savings account online. You can open an account online by downloading the IDFC FIRST Bank mobile app on your mobile and registering your name with it. The registration process involves providing your full name, date of birth, mobile number, email address, and Aadhaar Card and PAN Card details on the application form.

You have to submit the duly filled-in form with the supporting documents. The bank carries out the eKYC verification process and activates your digital bank account in a few hours. Once activated, you can transfer funds and make payments through the bank account.

  1. Pay credit card bills

You can easily access most banking services on the IDFC FIRST Bank mobile banking app. This online revolution has enabled most banks to offer debit cards and credit cards. The user can conduct a credit card balance check and pay bills using the app anytime.

A credit card balance check provides you with information about the balance amount available on your credit card. It helps you purchase anything and pay through a credit card. You can avail yourself of credit for 45 days for anything you buy without interest. You can enable a three-click payment method to pay with credit cards.

  1. Check account balances

The IDFC FIRST Bank mobile app is known for its unique features, which help customers carry out banking activities like transferring funds quickly, checking account statements, and linking and accessing all bank accounts on a single platform. Further, it also helps them set up alerts, get instant loans, track expenses, get expert advice on investments, view transaction history, and buy insurance.

It offers easy accessibility to all banking transactions and helps the customers streamline their banking activities. Customers can even check the consolidated account balance of all banks on their mobile through the app. With the bank balance check appyou can check the balances of all bank accounts you hold and plan your finance.

  1. Maintain the best investment portfolio

If you are a customer of the IDFC FIRST Bank, you will get an opportunity to invest your money profitably. You can invest in mutual funds, sovereign gold bonds, shares, mutual funds, recurring deposits (RD), and fixed deposits (FD). You can also invest in shares and get expert advice to earn the best returns for your investments. When you invest in mutual funds, the experts will take care of it by deciding where to invest and how to invest your money. Using gold bonds, you can purchase virtual gold.

Furthermore, you have investment options such as large-cap, mid-cap, low-cap, arbitrage, multi-cap, and hybrid funds through systematic investment plans (SIP). The IDFC FIST Bank mobile banking app offers several integrated apps to budget and manage money.

The above features make the IDFC FIRST Bank mobile banking app unique among its customers.