Sole representative visa- Top things to know


The overseas representative visa or a sole representative visa is for those who are willing to establish a branch or wholly subsidiary in the UK and send a sole delegate or representative as a branch head in the UK. 

The sole delegate or representative is a senior most worker of the parent organization.

Let us discuss top things to know about a sole representative visa in this post.

Who is an overseas representative/sole representative?

You should be a senior moat worker of the abroad business who has been selected and taken on outside the UK as a sole representative. You should have the position to make key functional choices locally in the interest of the UK business and expect to work all day as a delegate of the parent business company in the UK.

Documentation you need to evidence for a successful sole rep visa application

The documents required for a sole representative visa include an exhaustive list of the following

  1. The firm is a functioning and has a fully trading business
  1. The company has its central command and chief business operation outside the United Kingdom
  1. Has no other alternate branch, auxiliary in the UK; 
  1. The overseas business won’t be set up or the sole representative designated only to come visit and go
  2. Plans to set up an enlisted branch or completely owned subsidiary in the UK that will effectively exchange a similar business action as the abroad business
  1. Plans to keep up with operations and tasks overseas.

You will likewise have to exhibit that as a sole representative, you : 

  1. Are a genuine employee being appointed as a representative of an overseas business 
  1. Are a current senior employee of the business overseas 
  1. Have been enlisted and taken on as a representative of the abroad business outside the UK
  1. Have what it takes, insight and information on the business important to attempt the job of sole representative of the abroad business in the UK 
  2. Have been enlisted and taken on as a representative of the abroad business outside the UK
  1. Have full position to arrange and take functional choices for the benefit of the abroad business
  1. Expect to work all day as an overseas business representative. 
  1. Try not to expect to participate in business of your own or work for some other business
  1. Try not to have a greater part stake in, or in any case own or control, a greater part of the abroad business, regardless of whether that possession or control is through a shareholding, organisation understanding, sole ownership or some other plan
  1. Can show English language capacity to essentially CEFR Level A1 (listening and speaking) 
  1. Can show you can satisfactorily keep up with and oblige yourself and your dependents in the UK, without a plan of action to public assets.

Sole rep visa- enroute to British citizenship

Indeed, subject to meeting different necessities, sole rep visa holders can fit the bill for British citizenship whenever they have held indefinite leave to stay in the UK for a time of a year (except if wedded to a British resident, where they might qualify quickly after being allowed ILR).

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